The Morning Coffee

You know when the coffee isn’t entered into your system in the morning that it’s just going to be that kind of a day. The day that wears on itself and one that would bore even the most unsuccessful critic. (Going by the theory that Critics thrive on negative reviews. In fact enjoy writing them, and get kicks out of them as well. ) However I really must not digress.

As I was saying, Coffee, whatever it might be for different people, is very important. Different Strokes for Different Folks of course. Some like coffee some like a cold shower. Some like tea and some are cuckoos who get up at 6 in the morning and go out jogging, even in the winters when the sun is not up entirely yet. Everyone needs their coffee. I know I do. It’s important. Otherwise the rest of the day seems to go to the gutter. And good old Murphy seems to be kicking in with his laws and what nots.

The boss treats you like shit. In the case of the college going, young birds of spring, it would be the teacher. It just so happens to become the day he didn’t have his coffee but through no misfortune on part of nature, but as a result of a quarrel at home. This puts him in an angry mood of course. And that’s where you come in, to act as the sponge you are and soak up all the pile driving, bull dozing fun that’s being thrown towards you.

It gets even better (PLEASE SENSE THE SARCASM IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY). Once you are through with class, you accidentally bump into the college meathead jock, who feels so emasculated all the time that he’s constantly thriving to impress the opposite sex. This you do when stepping out of class by banging the door into him. Oh, you are prime prey for this guy then.

Once the cuts and bruises session is over, you go over to your girl friend. (Assume from now only that this is from a guy’s mind, hence it will be directed so as well). Ah the angel of your eyes. The love flutterer of your heart. The person who validates your joy and soothes your pain. Just what you need after the horrible start to the day. NOooooo I don’t think so, because she’s having a bad hair day and by some screwed up rule in the universe, it’s all your entire fault. Always and forever. So I am sorry really, it just continues not to be your day, and your angel isn’t wearing any wings for the day either.

Your friends, your buddies, your amigos. The guys who will definitely be there for you through thick and thin. They are like brothers to you. Alas. should have had that coffee someway or the other really. It turns out that it’s just the right sort of day for them to carry out pranks on you. With success. And some untidy tidings on your part.

You go home. Family, they will understand you. After all what’s closer then blood. Nothing. Blood is thicker then everything. Your mom will see her child and become protective. Your father will want to spoil you. And your siblings will give you a chance to earn your money. The right and proper and easy (at times) way. Have you not learned anything yet? On a day without coffee your family, of course accidentally has to plan stuff just at the time I was coming back. Brilliant. Stay outside.

Come one man. Heed to all of this. Have your coffee without fail. One missed cup or inspiration of coffee, and the entire thing goes to whack.



  1. Brilliant…realized lately tht u once told me of this blog, and just started skimming thru the master pieces…amazing imagination..never knew u thought so, and wrote so well..keep up the gud work!!

  2. heh .. thanks @ nid and misha both ….

    @nidz … read more from the past archives in the Gibberish category…i guarantee if you liked this one … you’ll love those as well.

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