The music cuts through the darkness. Lost souls look towards the void of the gates. A gleam of hope enters their eyes. The elders rise from their dust, and the young ones await their longing fate. The moon shines brighter than it has the past so many years. The tyranny shivers. The chosen appears.

Through the gates enters a man on a horse. Glowing, almost as if supernaturally. Layered in black clothes, and on top of a black horse. His eyes seem pure. His face exudes strength. The music seems now to be coming from everyone’s hearts. For they know what they see. And what they see is their savior.

It seems so near now, so much within grasp. The freedom that they are all dying for. They are all hungry for. The freedom, that is rightfully theirs. The chosen one has arrived. The legend holds true. The old wizard of the people now makes way from his dark cave, to make the final declaration, to confirm everyone’s hopes and beliefs. To confirm everyone’s joy.

But before he can speak, the man they want to be their hero speaks. His voice, booms through the silence and the awe of the entire village.

” I am not God. I am not his Angel. I am not his worker. I am a mere mortal. I am a mere man. I will do all that I can to help you. I will do all that I can to fight with you. But I cannot do more than that which I am capable of. And even thou, to this day, no man who has challenged me in battle has lived to seen another day, I can assure you this, this battle is going to be different. It will be a battle for faith. The faith of this entire world. Not just your own home. You say I am a legend. You say I am the savior who will defeat the tyranny of those who work in the ways of the devil. You say I am the man-child of the great Angels of yore, who will stand up to Satan himself. I am not Aries, lord of war. I am not herculean, son of Greek Gods. I am a mere mortal. I am made of pure flesh and blood. So do not put all of yourself onto me. Look to yourselves. Battle with me, and then this battle of yours just might be won. Stay in your homes, always ready for suppression, and nothing will come of it. Your identities will simply be wasted with the sands of time, and your faces long forgotten. Your children will have no future, and your elders would have lost their past. Rise with me. I can only help those, who choose to help themselves. That’s what God says. That’s what I believe in. Rise now. Rise to see a new dawn. A different day. A freedom that you and your ancestors have so longed. Rise. RISE NOW OR FOREVER BE LOST! “

People are moved. They are struck by the words of this stranger. The stranger they think is the chosen one. Their hearts are racing even more. The sleeping passion within them stirs and kicks, and is beginning to wake. And then, as if it struck them all at once. They cheer in unison. They cheer for their lives. Their cheer for a battle to change the world. They cheer for the faith their ancestors used to thrive on. They cheer to shed the chains around their souls. The cheer and cheer into the night. They hail the entry of their hero. A mortal he may not be, but a hero he is still.

The music is louder, the music is in their hearts. Its in their minds. But its the same music on everyone’s minds. In everyone’s hearts. It’s the music of awakening giant. And a giant they are, for they are the people of the faith, the people of pure. And the follower’s of God’s laid down plans.



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