A New Start

Now that the musical chairs of who the Next Prime Minister is over, we must look to a new and a fresh start. A better one. One less mired in conspiracies.

Even thou PM of Pakistan, Mr. Gillani must wait for his cabinet to be sort out between the 4 coalition partners, one can hope that the weeks of burning the mid night oil is soon coming to an end.

The US has given their good graces to the newly forming government. The Newly forming government has given strength to fighting terror. But in a better way perhaps.

The concerns immediately on everyone’s mind are those of the co-existence of the once bitter arch-rivals now in office, the unprecedented price hike and of course the co-existence of this coalition government with the President. It is my sincerest hope that they do. One cannot blame the lingering feeling of the returning 90’s with elections every 2 to 3 years. But like I said, hopefully that is a thing of the past.

It is time for everyone to bury the hatchet ( with a heavy heart I must also say bury the hatchet on the undeniable crimes of corruption contorted by the PPP and PML-N during their reigns ) and with a sincere and devoted passion work towards the betterment of the country. Get down to the real issues. Not the platonic ones affecting the cream and elite of the society, but those affecting the average man. The common man.

For example, the recent chaos between PEPCO and KESC, the losers were the citizens of Karachi. We are paying our bills, why punish us? As far as shortage goes, I can’t say anyone can do anything about the load shedding in that regard. If there is a shortage, there is a shortage. Accept it.

But I digress. Right now let us focus on the future workings of the new Government. Right now let us hope once again that the fortunes of 160 million plus in the hands of the 2 major political parties of the country, won’t be dismayed.  It seems like a fair ask, considering that Mr. 10% got a clean bill of health thanks to the NRO. The Shair of Punjab so to speak is back in business. Everyone’s got what they want now, so high time a little towards the country is shed.

I appeal not just to the government, but also to those who make Pakistan what it is. It is an appeal to all the citizens of our fair nation as well. Please. It is our country, we live together. We must live together in harmony and with the aim of progress, collective progress. It is not a individual battle. It has to be a collective effort to uplift this nation to greater heights of prosperity and development.

Let us put our hands together and pray that the road ahead is better.


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