We are humans, we are emotional creatures

We all need stories, we all need heroes. We all need dreams, embodied in a beautiful vision. We need music. We need our escapes to hope, to be happy and to mainly stay sane. To stay Human. Because we are emotional creatures. It’s part and parcel of what we are. The species that we are. Some of us need emotional cues, external to our own existence. Some of us can’t live without them. We are not all islands. Some of us think that we are. But turns out we are not. We might have been born alone, and we might very well be dying alone. But we can’t survive as islands. We all need cliches from time to time. We do. We all want to to discover ourselves through they eyes of others.

We are all not hard and carved out of stone. Some of us cry, some of us hurt. Just waiting for three words that mean the world to us. Some of us suffer emotionally even thou nothing happens. Feel crippled when we expect too much. So much so that at times it hurts even to expect. I know I am one of those. Like you have the social animals. We are emotional animals. Thriving on the emotions around us. Now I am not saying that’s okay. It’s unfair on others at times. Especially if they are tired of being the strong ones all the time. They get tired of being expected too much of. Now the emotional lot doesn’t get this. Instead they keep doing things. They keep trying to do that all so perfect thing. It hurts when you fail at this point in time. It hurts even more to transgress into a delusional phase.

But what about the people who can’t express even if they wanted to. The ones who are so called ‘ hard ‘ or strong. They have a problem expressing their emotions. It’s not necessary that all of them aren’t emotionally available. Some of them have all their emotions inside. Neatly placed. They just don’t know how to take them out. It hurts them even more inside. It probably kills them too. And its probably worse when the other person is pouring their heart out and all you can say is ‘Ok’. It’s not a good feeling when you know you are the one causing the other person some pain. Well it’s not a good feeling if you didn’t intend to do so. But that goes without saying.

Bottom line, whether we can express ourselves, or we can’t, we are human. And humans are emotional creatures.


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