Conspiracy Theory

The thing with conspiracies is, that they are easy to think of. Easy to come up with. Once you’ve watched so many shows, read so many books and cursed every single bad grade, the ideas keep flowing for conspiracy.

 The plot will thicken in your head, with everything and anything  that seems even minutely out of place. And the beauty is how you yourself get to play the star victim. Yep, the main guy the world is after. The one they are hatching a plot against.

The system, the establishment, the authority with the writ over you i.e. the boss, the folks etc. are the chief bad guys and then of course our good friend paranoia sets in. And the epic plot gets the head, the tail and the body.

Bottled up feelings, suspicion, anger, fall outs and more suspicion. You’d feel like spreading out the red carpet for every hyper-active human emotion displayed by, well, man of course.

Seems like a simple enough path to a self-meltdown doesn’t it ? Followed by a clearing the head session, taking a couple of crazy pills and just realize how crazy you sound.

But it really doesn’t end there. It doesn’t give up on you. Another day, another paranoia. The agents of hyper tension. Anxiety. They are always lurking about in your brain waiting to pounce on the next opportunity of something that doesn’t seem like a bit that your brain will comprehend. Something that your mind will adjudge to be out of place. What next ? The same cycle repeats itself. So what to do?

Nothing, it’s part of being human, right ? Wrong. You could change. Get to the source of it. Destroy the source. And viola. The paranoia is gone, the conspiracies end. Peace and quite at last in that crazy factory of a head. Right? ….. right …

Wrong again. Turns out being human means something will keep bothering you emotionally sometime or the other. And you can’t ever quash all of them. Never. Even if you were living in the perfect little town of Pleasnatsville. Because we are humans. We need the drama. We need the crazy. It balances out the normality. Well in fact the way too much of normality.

So lets just hope that we are always able to quash each and every one of those individual melodramas in our life, otherwise the outcome’s going to be a bitch. Cheers…


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