Election Fever ’08 – Pakistan: And we head to a new end

It’s noon the next day, and the results have almost finished. Still a few constituencies left, but at this point in time no one can deny the facts. Nawaz Shariff has swept through Punjab. The PPP has taken up all of the sympathy votes they could gather. And now the PML-Q has been shown the door by the nation. The ‘Free and Fair’ elections I doubt will be challenged now, even if anyone does stumble upon undeniable proof of rigging. Why? Because the ones who were crying have already won. MQM has once again emerged victorios in its city. Karachi… will always be under the Kite.

The PPP as predicted , has the lead in the National Assembly. But not by a long margin. PML-N isn’t far behind. We are not looking at a single party government. We are looking at another coalition. But this time it’s a coalition of those party’s which lost to the Kingmaker’s party in the last elections. The king himself is indeed in a spot. With voices ‘Impeach the president’ and ‘restore the judges pre Nov 3rd ‘ coming from both the camps, it is a big concern as to how they will co-exist.

It seems that the 8 year period of his absence, made the support for him fonder for when he returned, and now that he has, the supporters are galvanized. They have outperformed every prediction given by every analyst towards them. As the day progresses, Mr. 10 % ( my bad, now it must be atleast 50% ) and Mr Shariff will have all the focus on themselves. Who will be the next Prime Minister ? What’s going to be their stance with President Musharraf now that they have actually won ? I mean it sounds all good when you are in the rebelion to say that you will impeach the president, but will it be actually viable to put yet another destabilizing move upon the country.

I think it’s high time that the myraids are set aside. I can’t expect all the main players, the leaders to suddenly become angels. They will still be corrupt. And under different circumstances I would have cursed that PPP and PML-N won. But alas, given all that has happened, I can’t be suprised. And actually any other result would have spelt turmoil. Actually the leaders of all the parties are corrupt. Not a single clean fish. What I ask of them is for stability. I ask them to be as humane and as decent as they can muster themselves up to be to think about the nation rather then their already oversized wallets and bank accounts.

The results as they stand at the moment, as I hear it of GEO News. PPP has 89 seats in the NA and PML-N  has 65 seats with Q league on 37. Their will be a coalition government. In Sindh, PPP has enough seats to make a provinical government on their own. I was hoping that would not be the case, becasue honestly, in the last 5 years, at least given MQM’s work, that they would be in a position to form a coalition government with PPP in Sindh. Punjab, again Coalition government led by PML-N. Balochistan, the same with PML-Q. And NWFP is ANP. These are the results as I heard them at 1.31 PM.

The elections have gone so far without incidence. Without widespread violence or trouble. And it is my hope that this remains a constant. The parties continue to show some form of renewed maturity. The past is the past. One has to look to the future. Whoever becomes the Prime Minister, I hope they take us to a more stable time and more progressive time.

I congratulate the winning parties. I conragulate the will of the people. And I urge for a better tomorrow. Inshallah Pakistan will see a brighter tomorrow. Ameen.


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