I wonder at times about the fortitudes of bliss. It’s a wonderful thing this bliss. It brings along with it a countless, unmountable and unassailable amount of joy and happiness. One which is truly unmatched by any other emotion. Nor anger, nor hate, nor sadness, nor anxiety can overcome this feeling of bliss. Mind you, it’s obviously ruled over by the ‘forbidden organ’ or rather the heart. (I just like calling it the forbidden organ)

The source of this bliss is almost always your significant other. That one person who can make your heart go ‘Boom Boom’. And that’s when you understand the magnitude of the word love. That’s when the feeling truly sets in beyond just saying it because you truly feel right about someone. It goes beyond waking up to their ‘morning’ person and still liking them. I believe bliss is like this over whelming medicine, which makes the word go round. But of course this world can’t just keep going round and round. There are of course other emotions which are also necessary. Man cannot survive on bliss or love alone. That is not however what is at debate here. Here it is simply being pointed out what the virtues, the positives, the joys are that are brought by love and by bliss.

When you are in Bliss, you find yourself doing some of the most unusual things. Unusual by you yourself. Not something that you would have thought yourself of doing in maybe even a million years. You find yourself constantly thinking about the source of your bliss. And in the case of that source being a person, you find yourself constantly wanting to be with them. You want the world to stop around the two of you. You want in fact to give the world to him/her. They mean everything to you. You want to be everything to them.

You think ‘I feel bliss. And I love it.’ It’s the most wonderful thing to happen to any human being. And it’s not the bliss of being in love. It’s the bliss of being with that someone. That someone who is so special to you. It’s truly amazing. You are lost in her thoughts and her thoughts alone. She is the strength you need for almost everything. She is the one who can make you feel so comfortable with even the most uncomfortable things to you that it’s not even funny. She even has the power to make something that you hated so much, feel beautiful. She is, bliss, simply put.



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