The Madness Within

It truly now seems like an eternity that man has gone through various, humoungous changes in his own self, in his mental state, in the development of the environment around him. Changes that he has brought about himself through the great tool that is called Science. But also through the impending laws of nature. Yet for all of his adaptive achievements, there are still some areas he has not dominated. One of them, is of course the struggle to understand the human mind. The emotional boiler room, the intrinsic workings that generate the passion, the pathos, the soulwork.

And so we continue today, standing like small little specks in the midst of a huge concrete jungles which dress the surface levels of the earth. The metropolitans, the super cities. New York, London, San Francisco, Chicago, Tokyo, etc etc. Oh and of course Dubai. You realize that you are just a small little speck in the midst of billions of specks, spread out through out the earth. But for the life of you, the emotions boiling inside you, seem so much more bigger than yourself, and those around. Because, whatever they say in regards to your emotions, seems like a lost cause. So you take the support of mostly your own self made paranoia. Isn’t that just the peachiest thing to do. The self absorbing, consumed states of mind that takes over is like a black and blue bruised eye that has been set to stare at you for all of eternity, and you know what? … That’s not really a very pretty sight.

One can go on to try and distract himself. Watch some shows or movies or sports again and again. But at some time you will run out of those things. Or you will grow tired of them. Which is not surprising, because after all, with all that has been said about the mind so far, it’s obvious that it will grow tired of routine. It needs change. It wants change. It’s essential for it’s survival. Yet in some parts, change is exactly what it doesn’t want. You want you environment to change. But you want your safety and security to remain exactly the same. Similarly, your emotions as well. You want the loving feelings to be there, always, throughout. You yearn for that bliss. But, like almost every other entity, thought, living being on this planet, that also changes. This world and this life is made of change. But the madness within doesn’t change. You promise to change, to make things different. You promise to be stronger. But guess what ? That guy in the mirror is still you. You just might have become more older, there might more wrinkles and less hair, but it’s the same old you buddy. And that rage, that conflict, the madness … is still the same. And why? Because all people, all humans, are saps.


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