PPP Mourns, Karachi Burns

The situation in Karachi, and in fact most of Sindh, is very volatile at the moment. Reports of sporadic violence keep shrouding up. Firing, arson, rioting and pelting. These are common words, now into the 5th day of the assassination. There is a complete standstill. Shops are closed. Pumps are jammed or closed. People’s lives are under threat. It is a complete paralysis. Colleges, schools and universities are being kept shut. Shops are mostly closed, are being made to close, or the few brave ones are resuming life from under the shutter.  There are water shortages in various parts of the city. Business is off. There is a controversy going on over the cause of death and the lapse of security between the PPP and the Government, with the latter at a very weak and sensitive position. External pressures keep growing. What the hell is the government doing? Should I take one conspiracy theory to be true that there are elements within the Establishment who are involved in the assassination ? The perhaps the Chaudry’s should be held accountable ? That perhaps the ex-General has outlived his usefulness for the thinkers of Capital Hill ? 

Burned shops near Delawala

Till when will PPP mourn, till when will they allow miscreants to make use of the situation, to take advantage and further shower misery over the people of this country. We have already suffered huge amounts of losses. Factories have been burned. Hospitals have been targeted. Billions of rupees worth of damages have been inflicted. Not to mention the loss of many lives. What is the use of all this? Will this bring Bhutto back to life? NO! In fact it goes against Bhutto’s ideals of ‘DEMOCRACY is the best REVENGE’. What the hell happened to that? This is not Democracy. This is purported anarchy and organized terrorism.

Leave her soul to peace. And leave the rest to peace. The ongoing violence is a result of a lack of effort from the top elite of the party. YES. I am saying that. The Government has already done all it had to bring on problems by creating confusions over things they shouldn’t have. But the PPP must come out, strongly and urge their supporters to stop this violence. They must ask them to stop this non sensible aggression towards the harmony of this nation. Why are you making the common man suffer? I hold you all responsible. I am sorry for the loss of BB, but this is inexcusable. And everyone in charge should be held just as much to sword as the one in the hot seat right now.



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