Bilawal “Bhutto” Zardari : The New Face of PPP

Whilst cars burn, pumps lock up or are made to lock up much like the hundreds of other shops and banks which have been the target of an outburst of emotions and sporadic violence since the assassination of former PM Benazir Bhutto, the PPP unveils the new one.

Bilawal Bhutto, flanked by Zardari and Amin Fahim (not in picture)

Asif Zardari in a press conference from the ancestral home of the family announced that BB chose Zardari as the successor to the PPP throne, and he in his wisdom handed that down to Bilawal “Bhutto” Zardari. Bhutto ? I think it should be very apparent and very clear as to why the Bhutto was added. Currently, as things stand, I can’t see a united PPP under anyone other than a Bhutto, even if the Bhutto is just a figurehead so to speak. The only viable route was Ghinwa and Fatima, the child of slain Murtaza Bhutto. But for reasons that everybody except fool founded good hearts know, a reconciliation between Ghinwa, Fatima and the PPP doesn’t seem all that apparent as long as Zardari is there at the helm. Wadi Bua tou gone, but Zardari still pretty much there, as it would be pretty much running the party. He is now perhaps one of the more powerful men in the country, more than he was.

Thus the adoption of the Bhutto name to the children was a strategic move to maintain the power base of the family through the party, and also, Zardari is cashing in on the effects this could have on him. Power wise of course. He is a shrewed man, and has played his cards well. I will not divulge into what his master plan might be. Honestly I don’t know, nor do I have any theories. But as things stand, Benazir’s Son is the Chairman of the PPP. Zardari is the CO-Chair, till his son is of ‘tender age’ and has much to learn in the way to politics. The rest.. are under his thumb more or less.

It’s now a time for the ex-General and the ‘Qatil’ league as Zardari put it, to be extremely vary. The press conference made it extremely clear that the PPP is out to get PML-Q. Bhutto’s letter to Washington, furthers that direction. Musharraf’s minions as it was put in the letter, might be involved, and if they are, they better head for the hills. The General must be vary as well, because he too might just get the boot now. This could easily be the blessing of the Uncle’s Mighty hands.

Well, as for Bilawal “Bhutto”, life has just only began in the fast lane. He is already being made the desi version of Prince William. He will continue his studies, complete them and then return as the ‘savior’ of democracy, to whatever remains his father leaves. I sincerely hope that these new faces of the parties, when their time comes, are not as corrupt as this generation (excluding a very rare few).

“Benazir kee tasweer, Bilawal Bhutto Bilawal Bhutto”


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