Pakistan : Another Bhutto Laid to rest; Turmoil across the nation

Benazir Bhutto, was buried yesterday, next to her Father and her brothers. Dawn’s headline yesterday was most fitting,
“Garhi Khuda Bux awaits another Bhutto”. Quite fitting of the tragic line that this family has. Line of destiny some might say.

Ambulance Carrying Bhutto to Garhi Khuda Bux

However, now is not that hour of going over that line again and again. All respect for the dead of course. And I again emphasize as I said in the last post, personal opinion is one thing, but for a national leader to have died under the circumstances in which Bhutto died, is quite another.

The updates have been flowing like fresh water from a stream. The government, and the doctors in charge of Bhutto’s revival efforts, have held separate press conferences. They both indicate that BB suffered a single injury to the head which was not the cause of any bullets, or any shrapnel. It was apparently caused because BB was trying to go back inside the sunroof of her car, after someone opened fire on her (but missed) and while she was in the process of going in, the bomb went off, and the shock wave of the bomb pushed the sunroof into her head. Horrifying. However, today’s Dawn, carries a news item in which the Personal Aide of Benazir has said this story is a lie. I wish not to get into it any further. I feel, the main thing here is that Benazir died, as a result of an attack on her, no matter what the ultimate technical cause of her death was. It was a targetted killing and an assassination.

Coming to the second revelation of the government in their press conference. An intercepted communication between Baitullah Mehsud and his compatriots from the northern areas. This communication pointed towards the succesful operation, and the congratulations upon the death of BB.

Again, horrifying in the implications. The Government is giving proof that this was indeed an assassination that was carried out by Al-Qaeda. Will this be an entry ticket for the UN to request Pakistan to allow a Multi Lateral or Multi National force to enter , and operate inside Pakistan to tackle the Pakistan- Afghanistan border area which is much cause for insurgency problems ? Even if they do, will Pakistan be open to it? Will Pakistan’s people be open to it, given the highly volatile and emotional people that we are?

These are all questions that only time will answer. Other concerns are also towards the up coming elections. Nawaz Shariff reading the situation has realized he is a lost cause. He has thrown in the towel, using the assassination as a slur towards Musharraf and boycotting the elections. He came on Dawn News and very openly condemned President Musharraf as the criminal behind the scene. He came on live TV , for the world to see how the political players of this country even in the darkest hour will use the situation to further deteriorate matters.

Our nation isn’t far behind in that. I am of course not talking about all those who stayed at home for the past 2 days, or those unfortunate souls who were stuck in traffic only to be looted, robbed or attacked by raging supporters or criminals who were taking advantage of the situation. A lot of damage has been inflicted since the death. Factories, Hospitals, Trains, Cars, Shops etc etc have been burned and pelted and looted. What will this achieve ? Will it bring her back to life? Will it miraculously bring the criminal in front of them ? NO! It will only create more problems. It will allow indecent criminals the opportunity to continue to act as the mobs and make use of the situation in stealing, looting, and robbing. Mind you there were reports also of Females being harassed. These reports were that females in a certain neighborhood were being attacked, their clothes being torn, and that too in the open streets and public. A very sad, and very demoralizing reality.


An Oil Tanker Burns in Hyderabad on Friday, 28th

What’s more distressing is that, throughout the nation, the country and the major cities, while this was all happening, the security forces were proving to be inadequate in size and number. The police were insufficient. The rangers were immobilized in some areas. Hence now, the army has been deployed. Is this moving towards an emergency till the elections or rather till the decision on elections can be taken ? Who knows.

PPP, I still feel, have gotten a huge sympathy vote for themselves in the bank. But who will be the new face of the PPP? Makhdoom Amin Fahim ? Aitezaz ? or maybe a reconciliation with Ghinwa Bhutto and Fatima Bhutto to ensure that a Bhutto remains at the stead of the PPP ship. Again, only time will tell.

In the meantime, we must pray, and we must hope and most importantly we must stock up our supplies from wherever we can. Important Note: We searched 10 shops today, all were out of the most basic supplies, mind you these 10 shops were the brave ones to be open. A majority of the shops remain closed.

Pakistan Zindabad


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