Red Rhetoric

3 losses in a row, a symbolic end to the premier league title bid, exit from the carling cup and a horrible tackle resulting in a red card for Mr. Peter Crouch. Things couldn’t possibly be gloomier for Rafa and Liverpool. Or they could be, the season’s just half way through.

Liverpool as always, started this season, with a line-up, a side, and a manager, looking capable of actually making the fact that they are part of the ‘Big Four’ count. However, rotation policies, inconsistent performances, wasted transfers, and what I would like to call a spineless commitment has led to yet another implosion towards being serious title contenders.


For all his achievements at Anfield, Mr. Benitez must now realize that the bosses are getting tired and weary of a lack of challenge in the domestic league, I mean, for a side which is England’s most decorated side, and yet one without the elusive ‘Premiership’ title, is just a smidgen too much for the fans and the bosses. A champion’s league title and 2 finals are just not enough to ensure that the Liverpool faithful will always love Rafa as their savior is near ridiculous, and impractical. And to compare the same for Wenge’s young gunners, is ludicrous. Wenger didn’t spend  25 million pounds on a striker, who then he chose to sacrifice to the ‘rotation’ policy. Neither did Wenger keep his main, influential player out for the same. Yes, I am talking about Torres and Gerrard.

For Liverpool’s fortunes to change, so must their manager. I think Rafa has run out his time at Anfield, and it will do them good to get someone more, umm … ‘special’ perhaps. Who knows ?

For now, the much touted 4 Horsed race for the premiership is effectively down to 3, and may very well be 2 come Febuary ( if Chelsea succumb to injury, and international duty absentees : that is however not the manager’s own ‘tactical’ doing ). I personally being a Gunner, love the scenario. But loyalties apart, Liverpool’s team, especially this season, is built to win, but it won’t if it’s not utilized effectively.

All Hail Gunners!


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