A Tragic Loss: Gulgee 1926 – 2007


Gulgee was strangled along with his wife Zarine Gulgee and their maid in Karachi on the 19th December,2007. May he rest in peace. The world has lost a truly devoted artist.

The news of Gulgee’s murder is tragic, disturbing and angering. A very gifted mind and set of hands has been lost. Gulgee was a magnificent artist, and gentle soul himself. He was 80 years old , and anyone, be it out of enmity or a failed robbery attempt, or whatever, has to be a barbarian, to have murdered him.

The news gave me quite the jolt. I was disturbed. I was even more disturbed when I learned that the bodies were 3 days old. I was even more horrified by the fact that his son, Amyn Gulgee, lives in a portion right next to his parents, and failed to realize that there is no activity in his parents house. It was eventually him who discovered and called the police. But seriously, 3 days, right next door. Very disturbing.

He, is irreplaceable, truly an asset not only to Pakistan, but this world, to the world of art. It is true, that when someone’s time comes, it comes and nothing can stop it, for it is Allah’s will. However the manner in which he departed, or rather was made to depart is, very sad.

Your works, will always live on, you will always continue to be a Legend. You were perhaps one of the only very very few artists of whom I heard of, since my childhood, and whose work I admired, even when I didn’t take much interest in art. Thank you, for all you have given us to remember you by.


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