Has anyone ever felt like the people in your real life, could easily be converted into some sort of video game? Or some sort of fictional tale ?

Seems like it to me. Just another episode the ever lasting weirdness i know. But still. There are times, when you cease to want to see reality, or even fiction for that matter. And you just tend to drift into the very lovely world of day dreaming.

Usually a great form of escape from, both reality and fiction. Yes. You need escape from fiction at times to. You need a little bit of weird in your life. You need stuff that doesn’t make sense, and doesn’t have to. Stuff that you don’t need to answer for, or FIND answers for. Mind you, finding answers is one of the biggest , wildest, goose chases of the idle or the highly active minds. And highly active minds need rest from time to time. A shut down time if you will.

The weird, inexplicable, and utterly ridiculous and silly form of gibberish and babble and chain of thought is a good outlet. Like this entire post has been so far.


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