Black Day

The College of Business Management has been my Alma matter for over 4 years now. In this period I have experienced a lot of aspects, of learning, academic and practical life lessons. Most of these have been down to either good or bad teachers or purely the registration or the administration associated work.

But most of these “practical learning’s” were of patience, handling ourselves in unorganized registration lines, coping with lack of semester planning, bad INCOMPETENT teachers, and the general misery poured upon us by Administration. However, today, November 24th, the first day of registration for the Spring Semester of 2008, has marked itself as a Black Day like none.

The registration ‘drama’ started as early as 7 in the morning today with students lining up outside the Administration Block, to give in their forms and get their desired courses before they got full. Can’t really blame them if CBM takes 800 students in year, graduates less than 25% of those, and the whole place feels like it will explode at any moment. They were well aware that the doors would open at 8. That’s when the entire ‘ages’ old sacrificial tradition of Registration at CBM took a turn for the worse.

As soon as the doors were in the ‘process’ of being opened, the students went ballistic. There was pushing, shoving and a general all round display of barbarism. This resulted in broken glasses of doors, with one door having to be removed, injured students with one or 2 getting badly deep cuts, and blood lying on the stairs, the floor and shattered glass everywhere. (For a better idea, people should visit the CBM group on Facebook)

The mere thought, of our college, which is touted to be ‘One of the better colleges of Pakistan’ , was to experience, Blood and anarchy over registration, something that should be the most basic of things at any University, is distressing, shameful and tragic.

I have never liked CBM’s administration, their attitude, or the way they go about their things. But their lack of planning, and greed and one mind track has led to this event. They have created the situation for such an incident to take place, and they can’t shy away from their responsibility of this. (Even thou they were very quick to clean the mess from the morning, much faster than anything else they have done in their day to day activities. I am sure this was out of “concern” of the students to get on with their activities rather than avoid having it recorded or snapped up to appear anywhere and bring attention towards them at an unholy hour. No, they can’t be that SHALLOW, can they?) The truth is that the mere fact that this incident did take place is proof of exactly how shallow the think tanks of CBM are.

I have spoken to senior and junior students, senior and visiting faculty members, and I was responded with a heavy feeling of bemused disconnect. As if they were wishing it was 10 years ahead in time, and CBM was a past they had already escaped. You want to build a University? … Well sadly you have failed. You have built a Business Minded “Sethia” organization rather than an Institute of Learning.

Keep taking more students every year, after the lot has been rejected by your competition, keep taking them in at an insane number, keep graduating less than 25% of them every year, and in 2 years time you will be richer than you already filthy are. And in 2 years time the lot coming in at CBM will be more ill-disciplined, take being in CBM as a joke, and start carrying the slogans and banners of the party they support, and bring bats to HELP them break the windows next time rather than going about the pushing and shoving.

That’s the CBM’s management for you. I will not even venture on some of the other dark qualities possessed by some of the members of this management, for reasons of keeping some sort of semblance here.

But having ranted all of that, I am afraid the Students aren’t going away from this rant without a scratch.

The great students of CBM have time and again proved that they are after all Pakistani, so being a ‘Parha Likha Jahil’ is more or less a prerequisite. After all, today’s chaos was started by the Students only, no matter whatever the fault of the management, they can’t deny that. It started because of the failure to THINK before acting by the students and doing things in haste. It was much like a bad accident at a traffic signal, where one car breaks the signal beyond the red light; one breaks it before the red light. Our nation, as displayed by the ‘youth’ of the nation, refuses to accept that there needs to be discipline, very strict discipline at that in certain things. They want the short cut. They want what is good for them first. They want that, WITHOUT even considering that there are other people around them. The raunchy, rowdy mental state that these students instigated today was pathetic to say the least.

They will do everything possible to do exactly opposite of that, which would be the wiser choice in a GOOD MORAL SENSE.

I have ranted enough, and I am now tired. Not of writing, but tired of 4 and a half years of the same story being dished up, more and more brutally every time. It’s more and more disappointing every time.

CBM “The place of learning”; indeed. Anybody know a medic



  1. Nice goin bro..we are all with u in these efforts…..rightly said its both Admin as well as the masses…who if u would notice…have turned out be even “maila” this sems….thats because of teh huge intake this time….

  2. Institute of Business Management..? haha..makes me laugh..these ppl are gona teach us management?
    CBM represents perfectly the state of our country…

  3. Hey wiseguy. “Nice post” as everyone has clearly pointed out. Though I am slightly confused.

    This ranting might signify CBM’s mismanagement, selfish motives, aimless youth, but your motive was.. ?

    At such a sensitive time, a blog merely becomes a source of direction, rather than information. I read this with as much excitement and disgust, as others would. So ranting here might just result in negative publicity of the college, institute, country, so on and so forth. Again, not denying as to what happened might not have been true, but just pointing out to you the repercussions of such an expressive and graphical post.

    Sure Pakistan’s in the news, so are the students, lawyers, journalists. The last thing we want is coverage of our own students and institutions creating a mess, fully attached with gory images.

    Though on a much more practical note, challenging the administration and outlining their selfish motives, might reap more effects than this. And on the student’s front, they only have themselves to blame.

  4. Taha .. i agree with you that stuff like this should be better publicized in a more secure environment. But unfortunately .. if you only spent even 2 years at the place then, you would know that other outlets are futile to make them listen. Just even take notice of the fact that some change has to be brought about. Secondly don’t worry… my blog is not that universal… and i don’t intend to make it that way.

  5. Taha I dont quite agree with you mate.
    If im correct, then what youre suggesting is correct if such ‘graphical’ and expressive posts are unjustified.

    But to be honest mate, we are the students who are paying at an average, 30 to 60 thousand rupees per semester both regular and executive students. We have a right to be treated well, dont we? But is this the reality in CBM? no it is not as you all know.

    So the point is, what to do?
    As the writer mentioned that the management has been contacted countless times by students, teachers, even parents…but to no avail. The ‘money’ making mentality has polluted this institution’s direction. Where it was once one of the fastest growing institutions, now is a boiling pot, about to blast.
    The level of insecurity is such among the management, that recently, around 6 months ago, a community on orkut that made fun of various incidents (teachers, conditions, gossips etc)….and which are a part of any instiituion’s informal scene…was taken to task by these people. The owner of the community was brought up to the disciplinary committee and was told to delete the account, or be expelled. Naturally, he had to comply.

    Now, if this is the level of insecurity is present, such that criticism is not appreciated, whether shown in form of concern, or in form of humor, then what is one to do?

    The only way is to VOICE out your opinion on forums such as these…..
    as far as negative publicity is concerned, the fact is such publicity leads to reform. Either strict retaliatory actions, or betterment in the structure itself.

    There is not other choice. The management needs to understand that it cannot treat students like second class citizens. Constant mistreatment, and humilating handling will lead to only one thing and one thing alone…..STUDENT REVOLT!!

    Trust me, this is not that far fetched as it may sound.

  6. Then if history proves the fact that such forms/ discussion groups/ communities/ blogs do lead to negative consequences, and management does keep a check on all of that, then you suppose this would actually “help”?

    Anyway, I was only voicing my neutral view point. I obviously don’t share the same sentiments as you guys who experienced the scenes today and are a part of the institution. I however, sincerely hope that you guys are able to raise these concerns in front of the management and are able to make a change! The whole scene was utterly inhuman.

  7. Its really sad.. i never knew it would come to this point.. you are correct in voicing an opinion and rightly so because we at some point are responsible for whatever happened. I thnk it needs to be taken a step further; till the time the students dont take a stand, it wont end. But in this country, i guess we’d rather just stand back and watch the show rather than dig our own grave.

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