Ladies and Gentlemen, The Islamic Republic of Pakistan

60 years, 3 military rules, or martial laws if you will, numerous scandals within the government, terrorist attacks, corruption and 6 governments in the past 15 years. That is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan ladies and gentlemen. And now , to add to it’s history, we have the imposition of emergency by President General Pervaiz Musharraf. Don’t get me wrong, i still feel he is the lesser of all evils presently. But unfortunately that doesn’t seem encouraging enough at this point in time,  if one tries to associate that fact with a bright prosperous future within the next 10 to 15 years even for this country.

The nation has time and again, unfortunately been led down by the various people holding the offices of the administration or state. That’s old news. It seems to have become part and parcel for us. But mind you, all great nations ( and by great i am not admiring their integrity or dignity, merely the age at which they stand and the level at which they are self sufficient and developed) went through turmoil , political and otherwise in the earlier formative years of this country. As compares to countries of 250 years , or more , 60 is a mere child. However, that is still not encouraging enough. All I can say to that is for people to be patient and pray.

Aah, but now lets come to the people shall we. The great people of this country. The educated, the elite, the middle class, the ‘sufaid posh’, the beggars, the robbers, the government officials, the government workers , the Pakistani in general. What a people we are. I believe that most of our problems root from within ourselves only. We as a nation, as a culture, refuse to go beyond our old or rather ‘puranay zamanay kay’ school of thought. Those who do, leave the country in search of brighter pastures. There are those who want to help the nation, so they stay back, and work here only and eventually become bitter. There are those who stay with a noble outlook, but soon find themselves in the riches of the wrong ways. They suck the blood of this nation. They further corrupt the system , and that’s why they are reluctant for a change in this nation.

Even the non-corrupt ,so called pious people of this country, refuse to even obey the most basic of CIVIC LAWS. There is a deepining lack of morale in our country when it comes to an individual questionening themselves. It is with a very weak self civic sense, then that these same individuals have the audacity to critisize others.

There is also a myopia in our country, that helping out the nation, if you are not a part of politics means, going to the villages and sitting there and helping them or charity. That’s it. To all those myopic people. HELPING OUT CAN be done simply by not running away to other countries to work or settle down as well. If you are the privellaged class, then you are the future of this country’s economy. Simple as that. If you go away, then their less contribution to the economy. It can’t be denied that there is some responsibility automatically upon you to play a part in the development of the country. If the entire cream of the country runs away, then i am sorry those who can’t do anything beyond thikning about survival, is doomed forever. They do not have the capacity to work , and build and create jobs, or opportunities for overall development projects. They don’t even have the capacity to think along those lines , much less the resources.

Our nation, I with a regret have to say, is mostly filled with hypocrits, and people who simply like to say for the sake of saying things against everyone. Whereas if they just look at a mirror, they can find a lot that can be done there as a start. It is these same people who protest against the State of Emergency imposed and the absence of media. I, while not completely agree with the circumstances under which the emergency was imposed, feel it was inevitable. As for the media, I completely back the government’s will to make the elements of the media sector sign a ‘Code of Conduct’ . They have shown they will go beyond their limits. However any attempt by the government to curb critisizm over it’s own actions within the media, is wrong, and I am not condoning that.

I will wrap up this boring, long, overdrawn, rant on the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. Where the government is as corrupt as the last, only more subtle. Where crime goes up by the day. Where the law enforcing agencies are either filled with extremist nuts or bribe hungry officials. Where the common man is more and more , day by day becoming a hypocritic, bitter man.

God Save Us.

I will end with a joke, that was passed along some time ago.

” The leader’s of three nations come to see God. George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf. They all asked God, ‘When will our nations prosper ?’

To Bush God said , ‘Not in your lifetime’

To Blair HE said ‘Not in your children’s lifetime’

And to Musharraf HE said ‘Not in MY lifetime’ ”

It’s just a joke, however it is still sad, in the implications that stare us in our face.  


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