All i needed…

All i needed was the touch of love… a pair of eyes posing some sense of understanding towards me. Someone who could see through me. A moment of truth that might do me some good. I am not supposed to be here . I am not supposed to be just another person. Not a nameless face. I am supposed to be on a higher plain. I can feel it. I can feel things bigger than who I am right now. I can sense them hanging in the air just above me , sense their wait. I can almost feel it, in my blood, in my thoughts, but that’s where it ends. I can’t see it. I don’t know what it is. But I know it’s there.

I need to keep believing. I know, there’s more out there. What’s there, I don’t know. Many people think the exact same way I do. They even know what they are thinking about. Perfection. The moment that defines who we are. Of how we either fight or take flight from our fears. How we rise from our falls. How we pretend to be someone we are not , and then one day, face ourselves and stand tall to our challenges and ourselves.

All i needed was this faith, this intrinsic hope , that i was special. That i was above normal. That i had a role to play, in the forging of time into the words of history. All i needed was, something more than myself…


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