Of pains and pangs

I haven’t written in some time now. I haven’t really done much on the blogging world in quite some time now, not fictionally nor in sense of riling up towards the THEATRE that was our country’s political tussle sincce march this year. I will write more on that and vent more on that in another post , which will be aptly only for that topic. THis is however, all about the garbage that is caused by the thinking and the riveting of being paranoid.

I am sitting in a class which is highly useless, with a teacher who has more or less made peace with the fact that this is a lab and every1 will be simply surfing ( as much as they can given the crappy quality of the net) rather than paying attention to him. And thus the disdained and bizarre outlook on life altogether. I am at the back end of feeling slightly purturbed about quite a bit. But , this is afterall a online site, accessable to almost every1 … therefore some things are better left unsaid.

I will however try my level best to vent as much as i can to the best of the feeling in all it’s equality.

I could carry on just writing gibberish like this … mostly because it’s a fun thing to do. Especially if you haven’t written in a long time, and mostly you just want to go on blabbering without letting anyone reading this really know what the hell is this guy talking about ? … what was the point of this post? … and why the hell did i just waste my ‘X’ minutes reading this (X because everyone has various reading speeds so therefore i don’t want to differentiate between the fast readers and the slow ones by pointing out any specific one).

If you have come across this , my most regular blog reader, wrathchild … then i know you are probably thinking ‘err’ .. well thats all right. I am also thinking the same thing at this point in time which is why this has been an utterly useless post. With no meaning, no hidden message, no fiction… no nothing.

Well you know what … to keep in line with how this post has been … along the lines of being abrupt… i shall end just the same.



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