Sunday, the 28th of January. Dago was sitting with his friends at the local dhaaba. It was a slow morning so far. ALthough you don’t expect it to be much more than that. Dago was there with Jigs and Xia. They had come for a sunday naashta after a long time. Together the three of them. The trio of trouble , an affiliation they shared way back from their college days. They used to go on these nashtas a lot back then. But since they started their proffessional studies, and especially coming towards their final years, these outings together had become few and far in between. They were together today, thats all that mattered for now. They were sitting and chatting, reminising about the days past. It was a good sunday morning so far. Or atleast they thought so. The day had only just begun.

The waiter was bringing over their order, the puri, cholay and halwa. It was all dripped in ghee, a fact obvious from the glazy look all the dishes were giving. The waiter looked as if he had just gotten out of whatever bed he might have been sleeping at , and without adjusting anything from his hair down to his shalwar being positioned in a very odd way, to get the order to the three friends. He placed everything on the table , and then gave such a wide smile towards Juni, that he almost slithered over to the chair a bit further away from the waiter. Juni was always way more homophobic than anyone Dago knew. They started digging into their nashta. It was almost 9 in the morning. There wouldnt be a lot of people, hardly any people infact , up or about on a sunday at 9. Oratleast there shouldn’t have been.

There came a screeching noise from around the road bend. It was immedietely followed by the sight of a small gray car, probably a alto, racing towards the dhaaba. At first all the people present at the dhaaba were just looking in the eratic driver and his car. Soon they realized that the car had no intention of veering off. It was targeting their direction. A cold grip of panic took over everyone, the waiters simply dropped whatever they were holding and ran in the opposite direction. One of the cooks accidently crashed into the giant fryers. His scream was gut wrenching. Dago, Xia and Jigs were just about clearing themselves from the table , when they heard the scream, turned around , and saw the fryer in his horrible situation.



  1. yea .. i know … i was the same when i posted this … ‘errrrr’ … šŸ˜› .. .aween i guess .. no specific reasons .. or idealogy behind it .. one of those drunken disordered writes i guess.

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