Tick , tick , tick…….tick………..tick……………..tick……………………….

“The time keeps going , and that infernal clock keeps reminding me. I wish it would stop. I wish i could make it stop. But thats not in my power. Must be in some damned mutants power on God’s earth. But not in my powers. I wish i had that power. I wish i could stop this timem before it runs out. And this entire city turns to dust and decay… radiation leaking from the ruin. NO!… can’t let that happen. I have to find a way to stop this………this this this … before i explo….”

NNOOOO!!!…. No … what the .. ? .. where am i ? … oh man it was another dream. What the matter with me ? I have been having the same recurring dream, where I explode. I just dont get it. And come to think of it, my powers have been acting a little strange as well. Fluctuating high n low. Is there something wrong with me ? … Am i actually going to explode? .. Probably not, its just a nighmare haunting me again ang again. And there is a good chance my enemies , rather my mortal enemies might be remembering me. Well, back to the real world and … oh man ITS 8:00!!! i am running late for class ! I will have to double time and reach class , and probably fly there. heh. Maybe that stupid dream isn’t about me actually exploding but rather what Mr. Lindstrum might want me to do. I am always late for his Social Ethics class.


Vroom VROOM. Aah , my baby is purring smoothly. Nothing between us and the highway now. Well perhaps the odd unsuspecting victim. Lets say an unsuspecting Trucker perhaps.. hehe. I have made more this week than ever before. Those high society corporate jerkoffs don’t seem to pay attention to my little escapade. Well , not that there have ever been any survivors to tell the tale of their encounters with KINKADE !! .. Heh. . kinkade .. i love that name. They never even know what hit them. Just one of the side perks of having super strength and rage.

Hmm, come to think of it , i could probably do more than just truckers for myself. I think i will hit the city itself tonight. Have some fun there. Jostle up a couple of businesses. Who knows i will probably make my own little tributary thing like that guy in the God Father… oh yea.. Ensuring Protection from any Unfortunate events. That should be fun. I would have nothing to lose.


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