Ticket anywhere…

“we have to be open to the possibility of moving elsewhere… so let just get the tickets and think about when to use them later. u know.. just incase.”

Its a sentiment i am sure many are feeling right now. 2 guys got kidnapped the other day… from a residential area. at 8:30 at night. A bridge just fell , crushing cars and vans in its wake. Army soldiers were kidnapped. One was beheaded. The political arena has gone more to heck than ever. Literally. The Shariff’s land on the 10th, or atleast thats the claim so far. The general …. what is the general doing?

I want an answer. The whole nation wants an answer. I am upto my neck, flogged with emotional baggage. I don’t want to leave my country… but i’ll probably be pushed into it. Not perhaps by my family .. or others who care for me. But perhaps … by the situation of the country created by our leaders. Our so called visionaries.

My head is heavy right now. I have no aim… i have no direction. I want it to be in the way of staying here. But … it gets foggier and foggier. The truth that one was brought up with … seems to be fading away. In the blink of an eye… the existance that I am so used to… will go. I am .. now more .. inclined towards that sentiment than nething else.

I have a year left before i enter the field of .. work. A career. A professional life. And right now my head is spinning with what will happen after that. I have a headache .. which can very well go all the way to Guantanimo Bay . I.. just don’t know the answer anymore. I just don’t want to say anything anymore .. to anyone.

Maybe its not a bad idea .. just to lock a alternate future … incase things go beyone turmoil. You know .. get a ticket  now while i still can… and use it later. Kind of like the ‘Get out of jail for free’ card in monopoly.

If only .. those who we had faith in. Who we entrusted our hopes with… had made a sacrifice to actually do that. And not get consumed by … the power… of everything.

I wish … i didn’t have to face these emotions i know nothing of. I don’t know what to do.



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