Hmm … smell that fresh batch of paranoia ? Ain’t it cool ? 😛

I know i have been using that travolta line from Broken Arrow a lot lately … but seriously … its like a good line. But this isn’t about cool lines from cool movies by cool actors. No. This is about paranoia, emotions and your friendly batch ball of crazy.

Slithering on, it continues. It goes on. It captures the senses, plays boo hockey with the heart and tatters away your emotions in all diverse directions that you didn’t even knew existed. It becomes just as much a part of you as your skin. Now that … when it happens… is just sad. Cuz you thought process goes to waste then. You end up bull crapping. You teeter , tatter and totter. I know none of those words make any sense whatsoever … but thats the way it is. And the worst part is the correlation that it forms with emotions. Consider it a emotional butterfly that just got encased in a glass … and then imagine it moving around and trying to escape in the most violent manners possible. Hitting the glass constantly with it’s wings. The wings .. obviously … just start to break. In non-self made metaphorical terms …. your emotions start to break your spirit. They start to weigh you down. Your heart becomes so heavy that it almost wants to fall right out throught your chest. You have moments of being teary … and then on to actually wanting to cry from that.

Now we obviously can’t leave those lovely blues sad like that .. and obviously there HAS to be another way. Something simpler, non-complex. So what is it that makes it all complex. That’s an easy one…. ‘Emotions’. Wikipedia defines emotions in the following way.

“Emotion, in its most general definition, is a complex psychophysical process that arises spontaneously, rather than through conscious effort, and evokes either a positive or negative psychological response and physical expressions, often involuntary, related to feelings, perceptions or beliefs about elements, objects or relations between them, in reality or in the imagination”

So .. .lets just take out emotions .. and everything else will be just fine. You don’t have emotions… you don’t have expectations .. they remain at zero level… then there won’t be paranoia… it won’t have nething to feed on. And even a 1% expectation will be a bonus… cuz .. you weren’t expecting nething.

So in short .. the answer for you my .. fine paranoid, devoid of rationale friend is one word… that word .. is ‘Numb’


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