Did someone call my name…

I thought heard a distant voice calling my name.
Once upon a time i could do wrong… but now … the flame only flickers

Lost in this game of chance, in this mad crowd surrounding me
With so many things to do, lost in this world of chance

I look at my own brilliant feat, wish someone would pay heed
I make myself  weep,  and still i  make my eyes go so cloudy

Strumming in the sound, while i am a little bit of insecure
So i let go , watching myself pretending that what i am not

Time tells me whats needed, and thats to be ignored
By my own self, by my own vices….

And for the last time , i turn my back on me…
One last time i ask ‘did someone call my name’

But time won’t tell , a single word i said
Fainting sounds are what pleased the lot

I don’t care much for making sense right now ,
While i am composing my hallelujah..

My baffled head just screams in the silence
My faith is strong , but i still need proof

And while i am tied to my own hell’s kitchen
I look ‘ Did someone call my name’

I used to live alone before i knew you
It was a broken piece of a arch that i rested on

Then i sang , of a time when i knew what was going on below
But i didn’t know then that the holy dark was moving too

So now i just sit under this shaded tree and think
of God above, and of those who have seen the light

And i look to the sky , and i think , i wonder , i ask
Did someone call my name……


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