He sat alone in the shade. The fever was griping him now, and taking over an otherwise rational thought process. But now … it was clouded with voices. One after the other. He had already lost her. What more was there to say ? The voices kept coming at him. Taking him bit by bit. Piece by piece. Tathering through remains of his gray matter. “Your dream is gone.” “Give up”

“Get away from me!!” he shouted out to the baren wild. His voice echoed through the rocks. “Hahaha” … the voices mocked him, laughing at his misery. Helpless and lost. He couldn’t think clearly. Where was he anyway? How did he get here? … and sasha… she was dead. He lost her in his last battle. All he could remember was a hazy image of Nexus. For all he could remember , Nexus was falling falling off the cliff, but he had launched his newly aquired pelan bomb ( a bomb that releases a special gas enzime, and that can kill a person who inhales it, after being griped with rapid fever). And Sarah was standing on the cliff. She enhaled, and she died.

But he wasn’t at the cliff. Where was he ? What happened after that? … “My head..”. Renegade could hardly keep a balance. His head was throbbing. The fever was taking over faster and faster. Then the voice came again. “You couldn’t save her could you?!… you WEAKLING!”

“WHO ARE YOU???” Renegade still couldn’t see the source of his voice. But it still kept coming. “I AM YOU!… YOU ARE ME…. A PART OF ME…. AND NOW ITS TIME FOR PSY-FEAR TO COME BACK AND BE ONE!!!!”

“Psy-Fear.. who the hell is this jackass?” Renegade thought to himself. But he wasn’t in any position to look or face any enemies right now. “A part of him?” … He kept thinking.. as he lay there almost wasted.



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