The System…

Every country, big or small, poor or rich is run by a certain system. It might be dysfunctional or elite. But it has a system. When there is no system.. there is anarchy.

Pakistan is somewhere in between. I refuse to believe that there exists a system in this country by which the state of affairs is run. Its more like a circus that’s overstayed its welcome in a town. A circus run by one man.

I hate to be so negative about the General, a person i used to look upon as a saviour for our nation. Which he still can be , but currently is not. Myself along with many others who were/are his avid followers, I am sure I can safely say, day by day feel an overwhelming emotion of having been betrayed. In our trust, in our faith. Everyday we are made to witness the unravelling of a further shru! One day one statement. The very next .. a u-turn of sorts. Its no secret anymore that big changes are afoot for the political set up of the country. But one can only imagine as to what they might be. Is it going to be BB … or some other tried and tested corrupt leader.

Our nation is none the wiser thou. The general is still the lesser of many evils ( not 2 .. many). If only he could get back his own vision , and not that fraught with the temptation and the HOLD of the chair. The power. Power corrupts everyone. He is human, a mere mortal as well. Why should it be any more surprising that he too has succumbed to the power of the chair? to the authority in his palm?

But like I said .. our nation is none the wiser. A yo yo history at our backs and still we are blind. By our own sense of misgivings. Much less to say a lacking sense of national ownership.

The system of any country, if  it begins to go astray is always kept in check by the law enforcement agencies of that country, i.e. the Police. Yet the Police in our nation has been absolutely defiled by our own nation. Not merely the men with power , but us as well. The common man. Some common man somewhere started the concept of giving the Cop a bribe. And that started the most disliked part of historical culture which will continue to live on till an effort is made for it to be killed .. by us .. not the system. A system can only be kept in check by another system. A parallel government of sorts. And who better to keep the system in check then the people themselves. If we move to keep things in balance , if we move to ensure amongst ourselves that no one and no cause (unless the obvious critical ones) are above the law … nothing can be done to ensure the proper working of the official system.

Some believe the best way to keep a 2nd watchdog system, is by means of operating outside the first one. That is a rebellion of sorts. ‘Sarkaar’ the movie shows this quite beautifully. However that might not be the salvaged answer. The answer is withing ourselves , to start from us. To be kept in check from us. To be championed by us. To be owned by us.

So what to say about this General’s system that rules the land of the pue ? Well there is hope yet … if the General regains a shred of his mind and if the land of the pure .. actually had something within to go by it’s given statement.



  1. Now that was better than sleep any given day.

    You talk of a parallel system and that is sort of shocking for me. You also mentioned anarchy. Look at the people around you, we have a little anarchy of our own everyday. If these people were to go into the world of a full-fledged anarchy everything around us would be a disaster. Ha! dude we are not even capable of anarchy even, it would be a much violent and extended version of rioting.

    Getting back to the parallel system I started my comment from and how it was shocking to me. A parallel system is a challenge to the writ of the govt. and no matter how hopeless it seems to us at the moment its better than what we have had in the past. Moving on, a parallel system also gives inspiration or even grounds to something which may lead to an anarchy and I already said up there as to where do I think an anarchy can go.

    A rebellion system in our country would go against the current political or country’s philosophy. It would be a system with fundamentalist philosophy. Maybe I am putting everything in black and white, but that is the general division of “good and bad” we have right now.

    I agree with you, things can not continue to go on in the manner they are going right now. Problem is, I dont see a solution and yea my best bet is the “… if the General regains a shred of his mind”

  2. My friend … i talk of a parallel system .. not in the form of a institution or as i said that potrayed in the film ‘sarkaar’. I talk about it rhetorically. That if the people were set in their minds. If they leave their own misgivings .. then perhaps they could hold the system to task. To perform. To ensure that NO man is above the law and can never be.

  3. That was the whole point of my reply. Sadly, I don’t have enough faith in ourselves to believe that things can be left to our own or muse myself with a theory that somehow we will be find good in ourselves at the macro level. With the sort of thinking pattern we possess, we need someone with a system to shepherd us – at least till a point where we are actually mature or intellectual enough to make our own decisions.

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