A sleepy head

6:00 A.M.. thats the time till i was up last night/morning. Its almost midnight now .. so i haven’t slept in almost 38 hours or something . Ain’t it cool ? 😛

Well i just wrote that to let everyone know the frame of mind this blog has been posted in.

A sleepy head i am right now. I don’t think i will be thinking that clearly. But here are some of the things i want to say.

I hate people who claim to be all so glorius. Cuz it turns out they are not all they tout themselves to be. Yes… i hate them. That is all. This has been a useless blog. The next one might prove useful


One comment

  1. Ahh! High on sleep. Something which always gets me going. Though you should be a tad bit careful about what you are saying then cause when you are not thinking and just babbling you just might end up saying a lot of truthful things which you wouldn’t have expressed.

    Anyway, rocks to be sleepy so wont argue with you if an argument does surface.

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