Why she died…

I didn’t know her… but i know why she died. I know why she cried. They didn’t get to see her before she left. They couldn’t have… they were all busy, caught up. Only i saw her, right through her defenses. They couldn’t possibly catch on. And alone … she was .. and alone she remained. The tear on her face covered by a facade of a smile. The cloud in her eyes hidden behind a fire.

But i saw it all. I felt it in me. The thorn of poison eating through her spirit. Her strength. She is like a child abandoned in the cold winter. To fend for herself. No one to call her own. Mother, yet without a child. There’s more to that then that which catches the eye.

All her children left her behind … in ruin. With only her emotions to talk to her… by herself.. by her side. And slowly she died. In its helm.


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