OK thats it! … i have to just write something over here without making sense. I have been going on and on with formal writings , intellectual blabber… and other stuff of sorts which was more or less considered a piece of work from the pivotal holdings of the Gray MATTER!

I do not write right now to make sense of any kind whatsoever. But rather to live up to the name of this category… GIBBERISH! Thats right. Blah… blouh …. gibberish… trash…. muck…. etc etc etc. All words that you can think of along these lines which those good chaps at the Webster’s Think Tank could not fathom putting into the illustrious dictionary.

This is one of the main reasons i love P.G. Woodhouse . He has the most amazing ability to make some of his characters just ramble on with frivelous junk theories. Much like Wooster. And then ofcourse the exact opposite… the pearl of wisdom … the gem of a person…. the very dependable wise GURU…. Jeeves. Ah yes Jeeves. If i had a jeeves in my life…. i would probably be sitting on millions … exceeding 3.5 GPA … and frankly .. gone in life avoiding many a conflict. Ofcourse i would have to be about as attractive and as intellegent as a GUM fish to have a jeeves in my life… so really thats not something thats quite near reality. More like fiction.

Anyway … so as i sit here .. typing and blasting away at the keys of this unsuspecting computer owned by someone who is getting married in about 3 or 4 days….. looking at the love this person has for Huggies! …. i am forced to think. What was the point of this blog really? …. Was it just to unload trash … and just ramble on…. or was it to make you all just go one huge orchestral BLAH at the end. Alas we will never know. Cuz i hardly ever know whats going on in the creepier, disturbing and much weirder parts of my mind. Much less you. No no … the only one who could possibly grasp something is a shrink. Oh but wait this ISN’t New YORK!….




  1. So maybe the answer does lie in NY and that is what our next destination should be. Wouldn’t the life a traveler be sort of cool. Hitchhiking our way through the fucking galaxy, with Arthur Dent as our loyal and trusted (pun intended) tour guide. That would more or less equate to people handing either of us some responsibility. Though I say it like its a bad thing.

    Randomness, pretty cool eh?

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