The Lal Masjid fiasco of Pakistan’s history came to an end last week when the military finally cracked down on the brigade’s stronghold. The effects however still shatter through. There have been 4 consecutive days of bombings. All trageted at security forces and now at the PPP congregation awaiting the arrival of the CJ in Islamabad.

Islamabad, once the safest city of Pakistan, is now the hot spot for danger. Arms being hauled in the Lal Masjid ( high level arms mind you ), bombing in the federal capital, curfew… its all there.

The grim time that the country is passing by has led to many a speculation. Mushrooming Talibinisation turning into a full flegded movement is one. Yesterday’s bombing of the PPP congregession being a set up to give an excuse to impose military rule is another. Its one conspiracy after another. I am faced with the difficult task of answering many people’s question as to why one should continue staying in this country. A coutnry which is right now deeply embedded in turmoil.

The government , the media, the political parties, have all yet again simply put the common man, the citizen, the country on the line with their own personally vested designs. More then anyone else it is my personal opinion that it is the GOvernment which should be held accountable for all the murders, deaths, bombings. The govenrment, the parties, the COrrupt heads of security agencies. Fazlur Rehman , the bastard responsible for brokering a peace deal with the tribals (WHICH FAILED) should be held accountable. General Musharraf should be held accountable for letting the Lal Masjid grow as it did. It was an EVIL which should have been nipped in its bud only. BUT IT WAS NOT. AND that has resulted in the lives of innocents. The media , the IRRESPONSIBLE media should be held accountable. I don’t know about politics. I don’t know about the system by which a government or a country is run. But unfortunately I have to put my faith in the experts and the people who claim they do. Who have been running it. I have to put my faith in them. This IS THE result of my faith!

The anger burning inside of me right now is not something i can completely explain. I refuse to leave my country but at the same time I have NO solid, practical or RATIONAL reason to convince others of the same. And i don’t blame them for leaving if they want. Everybody is entitled to their own judgement call regarding their safety.


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  1. I will give you a reason to stay back. Its our fucking country, we are the ones who eventually make it or break it. A coward runs away from trouble, a man faces it.

    When you our age, that is when you start producing for your country. We owe a lot to Pakistan, it got us where we are, made us fucking graduates and now its time for us to give something back.

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