Just a thought

When we most want something, thats when we are the furthest from it. A dot in an open wide range, much below the scope of detection. a tiny miniscule image. Invisible, insignificant.

We crave more and more for it. And it subsequently gets harder to get. The mind gets corrupt. It starts creating a world of its own. A world of pessimistic foundations. The product of a dejected mind.

Man’s greatest challenge is to overcome his own desires, needs and urges. These can vary from the very basic to the very carnal. From the very rational to the very irrational. It can be our unfulfilled childhood wishes.

In this rejected state a grim reality starts to take form, building with force. In our own weakness, it gets stronger. The embodiment of paranoia takes birth and then we lose ourselves. And wait for reincarnation.

Humans always have, are and always will be condemned to have needs. Some.. more overpowering than others.


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