Sitting in the shadows … waiting for some sort of human contact. It had been so long since there was any. Oh how there was a longing for affection, appreciation. But none of those charms came even near the epitome of my existance.

The blood kept flowing in my body, the heart kept pumping and my brain kept overseein these all. But my mind…. aah the mind. They say that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Oh but what of this mind in a isolation of absolute emotion. Oh what of the clamour that survives in the very roots of my soul. The pain… the loud mocking sound of silence. Defeating me into oblivion.

Even the sunsets and the sunrise remain monotonous. The same dim orange, to a bright flash of yellow. A newborn nebula in bloom is what it is. I don’t even know what that means. But the sensation is there. I gather what little is left of my grim reality. And take stock of the other things to come. Far far ahead.

Day by day, the fabric of my spirit fades away… i turn into a ghost. A lifless body, floating in the stream of time and the collusive experimentation called earth.



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