Many things tend to go wrong at once when they have to. So profess the laws of Murphy. The burner fumes out of control. The net comes to a stand still. The rains play havoc with your windows resulting in a mini-flood of your lounge.

We tend to however, especially in such times, limit our thinking and thought process by purely natural human workings to ourselves and our surroundings only.

A friend of mine recently wrote a piece called the Windshield Divide. I think he has done a brilliant job in bringing out what we all escape. The burden of being privelleged. Against those who are born to a life without rationale, reason and imagination. It is rather just that of mere survival.

Somewhere along the line , we are still stuck in the dogmatic views of our forefather’s elders. And this dogmatic view somehow gets disrupted into a sort of denial of our responsibilty.

What we collectively fail to do is to think Beyond ourselves. Beyond our 4 boundaries. We tend to forget those without a roof. Those battling for life, in this bustling world order we call a system. A trickle of water or bite of food. Commodities for us , necessicites for them. I know that essentially the 2 mean the same. But see how the mindset changed one from the other.

That is an inherent problem not only with us, but the entire nation, the entire continent and the entire world. Since we are a poor country , it might be easier and more obvious in the Land of the Pure.

In our country , the wisemen entrusted to lead this country to a brighter future are willing to debate on whether the financial system upholding one of the support pillars for the economic development of our country is allowed by religion. They ARE Not however , that eager on debating the more serious, life threatning, socially corrupting issues of Karo Kari, Honour Killings and Gang Rapes. It is sad that the 7th century mindset has failed to transform with time towards the 21st century.

A man , who i was so hopeful of, who i was sure would take Pakistan to glorius tidings, is now a man i wish would exit the entire scenario.

The General has i am sorry to say lost his way. He has reduced himself to battling against the CJ of this country as if in a school yard tussle.

I can only wish and hope for a better future for my country. I as always remain devout. But I don’t know till when I can really.


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  1. Started with human behavior and ended on a politcal note of sorts. Though the points you made make a lot of sense. But in all honestly our problems go deeper than Karo Kari and Honor Killing. Fucking hunger man… when i went to Islamabad with Mob and Taha in the winters there were kids at places begging in ragged shalwar kamiz and it was so cold that we could feel it through our layers of clothes and jackets and what nots. How is that fair man? Who is going to give that kid a fucking blanket? I swear this thought just sent a chill down my spine, fuck that sight was pretty brutal if you even think about it.

    But like you said we have trained ourselves shut out anything which doesnt affect us. The fucking divide which makes commodities and necessities different.

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