The Fall of Expectations

They come everytime with new vigour and hope. And they die everytime like burned out greek tragedy.

They start with our search of the divine. A look towards the brighter pastures , emotionally , mentally , physically and spiritually. Your existance starts to hallucinate beyond its realm. You imagine a the glorius , the fantastic. You percieve the world around you in colors of pure love and reflection.

You start imagining a future consistent with your night time dreams. They raise you to a level of falsified security. People are closer than you ever thought they would be. Voices sing to you , like you are a child of the wild.

Fantasies come in flash once you close your eyes.

Your expectations , give you a emotional adneraline in a way you don’t feel in a normal state. This is when you are at the peak of optimism. And then , all of a sudden, like a wild beast coming out of hiding on its prey , reality strikes!

The world’s social order sets in. It rears its ugly head. The fragile pieces of your positivity just crumble and shatter all over. The expectations fall like a glass tower. Tearing through the sound barrier, scaring through your soul.

You feel like half of what you were. All your senses burn , and you feel completely drained on all levels. A weird sense of knowledge looms above you. Something that you had been in denial of , just came and confronted you. And whats more it emerged victorius.

And in the end .. we just watch , and wait , and don’t know if everything will be alright. Alienation grabs you by the throat. A fish out of water.

The fall of expectations, a reality at its utmost. We all face it some time or the other.


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