My Paranoia…

I went backwards. I didn’t think i couldn’t pull it off. A second chance in life. A chance that i could make my own. But alas. Things just aren’t that simple. Things aren’t that plain. They are rolled out to be our self destructers. I see again in this rewind, all that i wanted to hide from. I see the pains and the miseries. I see the happy losings. I see the painful held back tears. I see .. my own reflection , screaming through from the clutter of memories all adjoined in one. I see only things that bother me being the most insignificant of all. I see the corruption eating at the back of mind. I see myself laffing while every1 leaves. I see my paranoia breaking loose. I see my paranoia taking over, i see the evil come to life, and wake the dark side in me. I couldn’t wait to let go of this …. but …. i can’t. * To all concerned… this has just been a weird post. It has no meaning. It has no reprecussions. It holds no truths. Its just a blabbering that came to my mind.


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