Cricket: At the wrong end

The Cricketing Mega event continues at the Carribean with the Super Eights having kicked off, first with a WI thrashing at the hands of the mighty Aussies and than an absolute thriller between SA and SL , with the former just escaping with a wicket and surviving the menace of Malinga. The initial forecasts however, have all gone haywire for a lot of people. Especially a very major chunk of cricket fans world over.

This was ofcourse due to the untimely and shocking ousters of 2 of the world’s cricketing Giants at the hands of minnows. India , the 1983 champions and then 2003 finalists, were shown the exit thanks to SL but caused by a shock defeat to Bangladesh in their opening match. Pakistan, the 1992 champions and the 1999 finalists, were dumped by debutants Ireland. A massive shock, from which ofcourse the team’s state of affairs further detoriarated, and the unfortunate murder of Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer. The team, needless to say, left with a very very heavy heart.

The Pakistan team finds itself at rock bottom at the moment. Woolmer’s murder, Inzi’s retirement and the unrequired initial speculation of the team or the management’s involvement over the entire episode. The PCB chairman had tendered his resignation but it was not accepted by President Musharraf. There is a complete lack of morale in Pakistan Cricket at the moment. Adhoc system will continue to eat away at the foundations of cricket, and the fans , are disheartened by the teams performance.
The fans , irate from the shame , have now unjuslty started taking out the brunt of it on Inzimam. A man who has given 17 years of his life to cricket, who has devoted all this time for the love of the game, to guide Pakistan to numerous honours, and one who has for a long long time been the backbone of our Batting Line-up, deserves better. Infact that has always been the case for our sporting stars; Jansher Khan, Jahangir Khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Javed Miandad just to name a few have never been given the right honours or accolades that they truly deserve. And now it is Inzimam’s turn.
The world cup was a disaster from all aspects, but at the same time one must think rationally and not go bonkers over the thing. Teams lose, teams win, its part and parcel of the game. True that we would want our team to lose with heart instead of just cowering in the corner and playing like pansies. But at the same time, we must not forget those who have served , and what they have served.
At the moment, it is important for fans of the game, to realize that the team needs support to rebuild itself. The loss of the world cup is not the only ordeal they have gone through. It has been a dark hour for Pakistan Cricket. Naseem Ashraf, now given a second chance, must try his level best to overshadow the fact that the DARKEST Hours in the History of Pakistan Cricket will be under his purvue. We are looking at Cricket from the wrong end, we are looking at the past and stuck there. What has happened has happened. Nothing can be done about that now. It is not the future that we must look to. We must rebuild , and focus, and come out all guns blazing six months from now for our next international assignment.


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