Thoughts of a wandering mind …

In between downloading and downloading , and taking full benefit of the DSL that i recently have got installed, i have discovered some truths. I think i would like to share these thoughts.

– The arrival of babies always makes the entire household light hearted and joyful. And well duh , everyone’s more or less happy.
– Everyone expects you since you are the youngest of the lot to do every single errand around the house even if its not something concerned with you by a HUGE long shot!.
– Sometimes the best thing to do is simply stay quite , listen to the other blabber, keep your calm and think about your favourite happy place.
– And just sometimes, JUST sometimes , its good to release it in a more healthy manner than smoking.
– Even if you appear on TV for like a minute or its whereabouts , people will consider you to have achieved STARDOM!.. i am serious about this one.
– Pakistani’s and Indian fans are the 2nd worst on the lot if the respective cricket team loses and comes back. The worst is the same fans if you lose and make an early exit in the world cuP!. refernec to this , one of the players in the indian squad, lost the better days of his house to rioters who left it in a disastrous state after the team lost to Bangladesh.
– The first ones to get the butt of the jokes are the fanatics and the extremists or all those who like them!
– I am happier in life than i was a year ago.

These aren’t golden beads of wisdom, just some random thoughts of a Wandering Mind.


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