A Nation Demoralized

I write this article, not for the purpose of putting down our nation further, but for ther purpose of perhaps pushing it to waking up. I write in the hope of that perhaps some last remaining feelings of of belonging, honour, faith and determination to work towards a better tomorrow might still be preserved. I write in the hope of a miracle or two. I write to a demoralized and disgruntled nation.

There is undoubtedly a cloud of dejection and low morale over the nation. There is indeed present amongst a sense of wrong. There are feelings of mutual unwant. There are many factors over the past few years which have contributed to this effect. The feeling of being a ‘push around nation’ of the US to do its bidding in the region. The failure of the government to, despite a ‘inflated’ economic growth ( heavily linked with our ties with the US), regard some of the more pressing issues which will more or less contribute to a boiling point in the general public. Constant terrorism attacks within the country, a spate of cross border blame game with the Afghani government, a fluctuating relationship with India and now a detoriating relationship with the US ( marked by the recent visit of Mr. Cheney, The US Vice President ). Even the situation withing the country has attributed to a sad atmosphere.

The events of the suspension of the Chief Justice of our country, followed by protests from Lawyers, suspension of two channels for showing news. The government is shrouding itself up in unwanted mystery. The way in which the entire incident has been handled is sad. And so are all those after the suspension. There is still a lot of uncertainity within the country at the moment. At one point , scenes in Islamabad and Lahore looked akin to a revolt. There was inbetween speculations as to the actual whereabouts of the missing Justice Rana Bhagwandas, our senior most Justice. As if that was not all, the nation’s sports are not to be left behind.
It is almost impossible not to include the events of a sport for which this country is mad. The Cricket Crazy nation of ours has recently witnessed some of the darkest moments in its history of cricket. We went into the world cup at the back of a controversial season of cricket, from the OVal Fiasco last year to the doping bans of Akhtar and Asif, to the surprising injuries of key players, and lastly but not the least, the exit at the hands of Ireland and the death of Bob Woolmer (the Pakistan coach). The reason why it is important to include this is because the onlly source of spirits in for this nation as a nation has also closed its door. The entire nation was still reeling from the shock defeat to Ireland , that it was soon compounded by the death of Bob Woolmer. The death of that man is also uncertain, with plenty of speculation to be added. It was followed by resignations of the captain, Inzimam ( who announced his retirement from ODI cricket after the world cup) and that of the PCB chairman , Dr. Naseem.
Going back to the entire CJ fiasco, several resignations have appeared on the horizon relating to that as well.
Such is the level of our cisgruntlement towards the country , that people have stopped caring. They have simply given up. They have started taking the easier route. Logically you can’t blame them. But Thank God, logic isn’t the only regimene of thinking now is it.
Needless to say, the nation is going through a disastrous period of chaos , and uncertainity, where it becomes hard for someone who loves his country , to defend it on all grounds or even a single one.


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