The Chief Justice Fiasco

About a month ago, I recieved in my mail forward. It was an open letter to the Chief Justice by Naeem Bukhari. It was one of the most bold letters I have ever read. It directly accused the Chief Justice of various mis conducts in abusing the power and the priveleges associated with the office. Yesterday, the Chief Justice of Pakistan, was sacked by our President. To say that I am happy that corruption is being dealt with, would be an idealistic statement. Unfortunately , we don’t live in ideal times. Such an event is major blow to an already disgruntled nation. The manner in which everything is carried out, the entire state of affairs, is a demoralizing one for anyone associated with the identity of the nation. There have been various reactions to the incidence since yesterday. The entire situation is nothing less than a circus.
Lawyers have gone on strike. The country’s legal brass are split up in whether the President has the power to remove the Chief Justice or rather suspend him. There are those, like Mr. Saeed, saying that he does but it is rather shocking that he did. The claims made in the open letter by Mr. Naeem Bukhari in that open letter, were ofcourse unverified. So even though I tend to believe all that was written in it, it still remains whether all the allegations are true. The suspension was a result of various ‘complaints’ of ‘misconduct’ and abuse of power. The hearing is still to take place. What adds even more fuel to the entire thing is the appointment of the Acting Cheif Justice, Mr. Javed Iqbal. There is a feeling that Mr. Bhagwandas should have been appointed. Now, Mr. Bhagwandas was already superceded before on religous grounds. This time the excuse is that he is in India; one which is challenged by the allegation that he could have been called and travelled back within an hour. It all simply shrouds everything in unrequired mystery. It paints a sorry picture of the government administratively. It puts further clouds of resentment in the general public.
The entire fiasco, along with all other things going on around the region, and around the globe, with strong words being spoken against the part of Pakistan in the war against terror being spoken in the US Congress, leaves you with a notion of being dejected. It is indeed a sad day.



  1. “What adds even more fuel to the entire thing is the appointment of the Acting Cheif Justice, Mr. Javed Iqbal.”

    I have watched members of Javed Iqbal family in Cambridge. They may have have many sexual diseases based on their behavior here and at Aitchison.

  2. one is innocent untill proven guilty this has been done by musharaf to save his own back.Military dictators have always done these sort of things in the past, they consider themselves gods and will never let democracy prosper in pakistan, the only way they leave power either death or mass demonstration by pakistani people this is the true track record of military dictators of pakistan

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