The Valentine’s Day Special

Spring is in the air , and a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love, especially on this fine day of February , the 14th , Valentine’s Day. Something we have all heard before. Something most of us have probably pracitced some time or the other. And well for all you women out there seen the result of. Everybody’s after the sacred heart symbol on this day. The card shops, the bakery’s, the tv channel’s and the radio even.

Italian couples scream at each other a lot, and if I can trust the BBC, English couples quip cleverly at each other in measured tones, then smile wanly at each other. And in some cases, just pure contempt, as would be the case with Mr.Fawlty, not that i recall seeing a Valentine’s episode on that show. Korean husbands are always annoyed about something, while their wives fret about some family matter that seems to piss the husbands off even more. The Indians do a lot of singing, and all the neighbors break into house to do back-up dance numbers. Irish wives bat around their husbands and verbally abuse them, so the men crawl away to the pub to escape them and comisserate, that is until they make the classic mistake of agreement abouth the other’s wife only and then they bat out the other’s eye man style.  Or so atleast the Tv has told me reliably for all of the above.

Recently i also heard on 96 FM , the customs of White Day and Black Day , both performed on the same day as valentine’s. White day is when in response to your valentine’s, a man recieves a box of white chocolates in return. And Black Day is for those men who do not get anything at all. And because of that , they have Black Sauce and Noodles at the end of the day to mark their non recieving day. Urghh , if one could only put a hold to the imagination as to what the ‘black sauce’ might be. Both custom’s i think are chinese.

Well anyway, coming back to the old country, well worldy history wise new country but still, my country and its bunch of neo rocking , burger king edward kee olaad pretenders. Well i wont say much to them on that, who knows some people might think of me the exact same. THey would have the chocolates ready, the red baloons, the wax hearts scented to perfection. And ofcourse there would be the emotional attachment of the card and the odd poem.

What exactly is Valentine’s DAy that has a lot of people for a lot of different backgrounds running wild about it behind there hearts ? I don’t know how many know the actual history of this day , but i will venture with the version that i know of.

It all began with this Preist who at a time when the ruler disallowed marraiges to take place, wed people. And let these people celebrate love as they thought it should be celebrated. And was beheaded or hanged for this. The priest’s name was St. Valentine, thus Valentine’s Day. The day of love.

And well i guess ever since then, lover’s of the world unite on this day, to show each other their love. IT is celebrated as a symbol of love. In my opinion that is all it is, a symbolic day. Simply a symbolic day designed as a commercial tool for the sale of candy bars, heart chocolates, dinner for two at a resteraunt overflowing with the colour red and ofcourse the florists. Still nice thou, nothing to deny that. Well, i hope all you lover boys and lover girls had a happy, naughty valentine’s.


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