A day to remember

Approximately 6 and a half years ago, i think the first of my memorable days took place. It was a series of comical events that led to this day. Well actually it wasn’t exactly a series of comical events, more of sad events, which i guess from the neutral eye in a low budget comedy would induce a few light laughs. Anyway, it was an event none the less. Before i go on, i would like to say that this event is one to remember not out of the more pleasant memories, but more of the excruciating memories. Memory nonetheless.

Hence, 6 and a half years ago, my cousin was getting married. He is i think 12 to 13 years elder to me. Thats not the important part. I had just moved back to Karachi a couple of months before the wedding. I was a 15 year old kid back then. And i was coming towards the end of the new excitements that come as part and parcel of discovering the birds and the bees, which started when i was 11. Again, not important. To contiue with the original story, I was a 15 year old kid back then. The wedding season was on. There were dholkis. There were practices. There were the getting togethers. THe perfect setting for anyone to fall for someone, especially in the Infatuated way. Enter, Susan (true name shall not be taken for legal purposes) my first cousin from my father’s side. Lets just say i had developed a long time crush on her. I mean the crush had started a year before when i was in Karachi before going to Pindi for year and then moving back. Moving back to the story once more. The crush, the wedding season, the crush intensifiying, and then the stupid DARE and the BORED cousin. This incident as it goes on to be a good lesson, NEVER trust fate when your cousin is BORED !! terrible things may happen.
Anyway coming back to the story yet once again. After all the wedding functions had taken place, the family dinners were taking place. My other cousin ( the one who got bored and i will just call him wam) obviously knew about the entire crush situation. Come the night before our dinner for the family, the cousins went for a movie. Where wam and myself after much deliberation and argument over soemthing i dont remember now ended up in daring each other to let Susan know of the entire crush situation. Well , guess what , wam was 15 as well and we were both stupid. OK , I was stupid and he was a EVIL, human being who gets more evil when he is bored. In my stupity i wrote an anonymous email, and in his boredom he told the relevant cousins that the email was from me. And how do i get to know this ?
Well wam was kind enuff to come the next day on our dinner day i.e. and warn me of the arised situation. I was getting ready , when he came and told me the sequence of events and well had to 5 or 7 times before i actually realized he is not joking. I wanted to kill him. But i had other things on my mind. Like , my uncle coming after me with a shotgun. Or my father finding out and throwing me out of the Family (ofcourse these were all not realistically going to happen but i was 15 and had seen way too many indian movies back then)
Well i gathered courage to make it till the destination for the dinner. Now since my parents had thrown the dinner, i was supposed to be at the reception to guide everyone. Perfect! This threw me into even more thoughts of me getting killed or disowned or i dont noe all things that a 15 year old can think of. The guests started coming. It started with wam’s family. His sisters gave me the old stink eye. Then my aunts. And a few abroad guests. And finally, the family i had been dreading through out. The family i thought would come in absolute fury and rage. Susan and the family came. I felt sick to the stomach. My aunt and uncle came in and the greetings took place as they always do, and well i could not detect any new emotions within them of anger towards me. Then Susan came, and along with her the little sister, Tina, who was my age. Susan simply went with a cold chill , and tina …. oh boy, she was having the time of her life in deep amusement. She went by with a very evil giggle. Which continued well into the dinner, along with a few subtle jokes.  All throught out the dinner , i could feel the cold chill, the sick worms inside my stomach, and for the first time in my life, my absolute disregard for any interest in the dinner. Then through my cousin , Wam, a message was put across to me. I was to be talked with. A lecture no doubt. WEll, to get on with it, and wrap it up, the night was ended with a cold blast from hell from Susan, the continous blabbering gigglish torture from Tina, and well WAM. !

I can never forget that day. Ever. It might seem lame to some of you out there. BUt honestly it was just a day i cannot forget.



  1. why did you blog about this?

    you DO realize that anyone in the world can read this, right?

    and then what’s the point of having memorable stuff in mind, if you’re blogging about it?

  2. You forgot to mention that Tina is the actual hot one. Especially in black. What say you Taha!

    Why you never chked out the other sister – who was also your age in the first place – is beyond me!

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