Solidarity Day ?

5th February, Kashmir Day. A day on which our nation marks as one for solidarity for the plight of the people in Kashmir. It is indeed a great show of brotherhood towards fellow Muslims , and all in all , fellow human beings. However, going beyond the key word of Solidarity on this day lets just take a look at how it is.

We, to show solidarity towards the people of Kashmir, mark 5th February as a holiday. There is no productivity in the nation. There is no business open. We all sit at home, at the luxury of our homes, and relax like on any other holiday. This is our showing of solidarity. Well then God help our friends and allies should they ever be needing any show of compassion, sympathy from us. I mean truly speaking, do we actually believe that , by simply declaring a holiday, we are helping the Kashimir people. By sitting at home, instead of doing something for the Kashmiri people. A person sitting on a bus stand all alone with a sign protesting the viles and cruelties would be doing more than us.

What does making 5th February a holiday by the name of Kashmir Day achieve ? Mere symbolic gestures will not help anyone’s cause. And infact its harmful to our nation as well considering the amount of holidays that are there in a year as it is. World over people move towards being more productive, but no, Pakistan has other ideas. After all we are a Major Ally in the ‘War on terror’.

A better way to show solidarity (if it is actually meant to be shown) would be to say that on this day, the 5th of February, we will give the day’s earnings and proceeds to help the cause of actual tangible support for those suppressed people. Either way we will not be earning, but atleast this way maybe we could actually be doing more than just symbolic naming and holiday marking and end up sitting at home relaxed (this bit is just the privelleged class, for the poor class or the lower middle class its simply a loss of business).

Solidarity day is just one of the few things which are illogical in the great fabric of thinking in our nation. There are other things like these if thought on logically and sincerely, could maybe help move our nation towards much greener pastures.



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