Things i want to say

Some things i want to say… just for the heck of it i guess..

  • The guy who keeps his temper under wraps most of the time, is the worst one to be next to when he does lose it
  • Time spent wishing is time wasted , just go out and get what you want
  • Dont always pawn of your problems or troubles in life on the shoulders of others , everyone has their own to handle
  • Relationships are the most complicated package of human emotions bundled into one messed up package
  • Fags can be straws for juices at times for funzies!
  • Heroes aren’t always the glory boys that we have made them to be
  • Unfortunately, no place is safe anymore, whether populated or isolated. Everyone is danger of being a victim of a lunatic
  • Sacrifice has become an illusion, cause no one wants to sarifice. No one is willing to sacrifice

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