Gibberish On Part of History Desires

There are few people who manage to be those great inspiring personalities in life. Very few whose memories live far beyond their existance. Who continue to be the focal point of the epic battles or struggles for centuries on. The greeks are an example of this , Achilles, Hector, Hercules even. All we believe to be myths. Myths who are now legends. The greek Gods continue to be part and parcel of folklore. Gods like Zues, Ares etc. Ofcourse these are also , myths and nothing more. Yet legends.

In the back of our minds, we all wish we could be a part of history. A part of the great legends. That our name could live on and on in the great fabric of time. Sometimes we try our level best to achieve that as well. We struggle, we strive and we dream. But at times we fall short as well. And so easily just stroll into the list of ‘Unsung Heroes’ or those who are so easily forgotten.

The interesting bit is , that in this modern age, of computers and the internet, and fast moving technology, sometimes people become legends in their own right through , business, or other non heroistic achievements as well.  So some of us just want to have done something in life.  Anything , an achievement, even if it is just making a business and making it into a name , a big name. Like i said, we all strive, and to add to what i said, we all strive in whatever way we can.

In the end, it all boils down to doing something which will keep us in memories for some amount time. A time which can span from anywhere to 50 years to centuries. We all at the back of our minds , want to be a part of history, any history.



  1. not even 22.

    you have time.

    if this blog is alive after the next 10-20 years, you might wana post a comment on it then, after your achievement.


  2. Something which Achilles himself believed in, atleast in troy. Anyways, he made himself immortal or maybe he wasnt a mortal to begin with.

    Good write though. Lets see you make history.

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