The Easiest Jobs in Pakistan!

I was just thinking about stuff, and it kind of came to me , something that my mother often says  . “The two easiest jobs in Pakistant are either becoming a Gardner or a Preacher. If you dont find anything else to do, you could always do either of those in this country. ”

Its a sad state of affairs isn’t it when you think about it from the preacher aspect. The people preaching on our religion, are mostly, mostly uneducated people who could not find any other way to make a living so they just grew long long beards, and then started preaching the religion. Unfortunately because of these people who preach religion while no being educated, and without truly applying the basic of the Quran i.e. The Holy Quran is for all times, are teaching the fundamentals of the religion to others. Especially other uneducated people. That is the reason , why this Eid and the last one , we had 3 different Eid celebration dates in our country.  That is the reason there are still maderassah’s run in this country. That is the reason there are extremists who are promoting a negative view of Jihad in this country, and teaching a negative aspect of it to the blind followers.

So therefore it is sad that becoming a Preacher is the one of the easiest jobs in this country. Imagine the benefits Pakistan’s nation could have had if it had been the other way around and if better qualified people and educated people started spreading the Faith of God.


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