The Day I Die

Everyone said that maybe, but no one was sure at all
Everyone said they would save me, no one was there at all
Everyone said believe me, but how could i start to believe
Everyone said feel me, but how could i start to feel

The days went by, the nights went by
The weeks came by, the months came by
Nothing ever changed, nothing ever stayed the same
Nothing ever to take home, nothing in the soul less face

My sunday mornings called, what i was supposed to be
My monday nights made, what i feared not to be
So I just gave it all away, I just made peace
I just got away from it all, I just took me

Now maybe the world will see, maybe everyone will hear
Now maybe i will start to feel, what i am not supposed to feel
I will be soon a hallow body roaming the world, the day i cry
But it will be a circle on a date on the calendar, the day i die


Author: Sammy Wiseguy

Marketer, blogger, reader, Arsenal fan, frequently emotionally wounded cricket fan

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