Renegade X: The Beggining Part 2

The wind is nice and breezy tonight, the night is calm and quite. No robberies, no gang bangs, no gang wars, no skirmishes, not even a road rage going on. Thats sad, and very very boring. Not that travelling at the height of sky scrapers isnt in itself exciting enuff, but you kind of get bored with it after doing it for the 1 millionth time.

Thats right , the 1 millionth time. ME, Renegade, the denizen of the darkness. The son of the night. Used to be different thou, i think it used to be the son of Justice. Heh, that was ofcourse before, i parted ways with the system. Now , i am just my own , one man good natured freak show who occasionally comes upon certain unruly elements.

I think i will take a break from the flying now. Hey what do you know, i ended up on the same building I started my night time adventures. I can even remember the day i got these powers. I can remember it all very well.

13th January, 1994. It was a mildly warm afternoon in the small small city i lived in. All was pretty much the same. i was just a 9 year old kid back then. I was going back home from school. It was slightly dusty, the road i mean. My friends were all going to the city park, to play probably. I had to go home, help my dad with some painting. I loved working with my dad. It gave us a chance to bond and crap. Suddenly got glimpse of my was turning red. real red. it was turning into a crymson clad gauntlet. Then i felt hot, so hot i couldnt breath. Stumbling, i tried to grab the tree and burned it. Still remember the imprint of the hand that i left. Then, there was this feeling inside. This strange feeling which i never felt before. It was so overwhelming. Everything started to black out. My body started emating some sort of glow. And then, like everything had reached a boiling point, like a maximum of sorts. I had this urge,this urge….and then it happened. I passed out. I think i must have blacked out for atleast a good couple of hours. When i woke up, everything seemed hazy. Getting back focus seemed hard. When i realized i had focus, only there was nothing to focus on. Everything was gone, everything was disintegrated. As if this was a blast site. The park, the houses, the road….  everything but me. Genius aint required to figure what happened. I was different. I felt more warm. I felt a little woozy. It all came back to me. I didnt know what to do.”DAD!!” I started running towards where my house would have been, only i didnt know where to run to. I still kept running. And i fell to my knees, and i knew my life had changed forever. Then this man came, as if from the sky, as if he glided down.It was almost like a Godsend. That moment felt divine. He just looked at me. I just followed him.I dont know why, but i was just driven to follow him. Driven from inside. Little did i realize then, that my life would change much more than i could possibly imagine. I was no longer a nine year old boy called Brad. I was more than that… I was a renegade. The renegade.

Years later, I started doning a new identity, calling myself Renegade X. One would think that this is a gift, power which can so easily be used.But its not. Its a curse. Its not power, its a weakness. I am a walking time bomb. I can blast like that anytime again. How i gained my curse, I dont know, just that it could come anytime. My only consolation, that i also have powers which i can put to good use, before the fateful day i live to my name. Renegade, traitor, turncoat. Thats what i will be to this universe. A blast of huge proportions. I dont know more than that. I was never told more than that, by that man. I dont know if i should believe him or not, but it doesnt matter, he gave me a life. But flying, and generating heat waves and mini radioactive concussion blasts, is a cool thing to have till then. I, as Renegade X, do as much good as I can, before my curse kicks in. I still dont know who that man was that day, except that he taught me all I know today. He got me a makeshift normal day life, an identity that i could go by. I am just a kid he said. And still am today. I need to complete my education , need to earn a living in order to feed myself. Cant use my powers for that. Cant abuse my powers. Hmm. something to think about really. I used to help the cops out. Until the system’s filth got to me.

Ooh , time to snap out of it , looks like there is a road rage on for tonight after all. Well time for Renegade X to do his self taken duties….. I love this night time, this is my time.


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