Just some gibberish thoughts

The foribidden organ, or rather the heart. I like calling it the forbidden organ thou… kind of makes it sound … i dont noe … .comulsively evil towards the whole body in nature. It does its physical job 100% … that is to pump blood and what not. But the intangible job .. well thats a whole different ball game with whole different implications.
However, we are not here talking about the dynamics of my opinion on the heart or as i said … the forbidded organ.
Your own worst enemy … cant trust it for a minute. IN No time it will have you going a million miles an hour , make a friend … and then BAM! … before you noe it … you are history and just got dried up with the sink water and thrown away like a rag. iTs true…

Thats why i do believe the easiest way to get thru these paassion pumping youth years of ours is simply to go EMOTIONALly dead, i think it will be a better way for many to njoy their life. I think if atleast not njoy , just get thru it without losing sanity, or going into depressive spells.


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