RenegadeX #1 : The Beggining Part 1

Aah , the wind is out tonight, fast and cold. I can see over my shoulders , towards those woeful yet satanic eyes.. just looking at me, as if waiting for me to slip. I look ahead, and all i can see is the twisting trees with there night like monster silhoutes , just waiting for me to pass and then slice me up in 2.

Then all sense of reality comes, and I realize there are the nerds behind my shoulder, and up ahead are the classic, ‘bad boys and girls’ , just looking for a way to start a ‘war of the words’.  I just walk past them. Its all part of the day’s plans for me. I know it will all end , this normality sooner then later. As I drift along the corridor of the main building at the Trinity Campus, the mosst noticable of groups, affiliations or people who fall under the same category name if you like. There are your rockers. The rockers, with their heavy guitars, long hair, goatees and beards. The rockers in their semi circle putting out throught their tools, the music that is in their heads. Their philosphy, through their music. It sounds good at times.
I walk a little ahead , and there come the people best descriebed as the ‘pretenders’. Yes , the pretenders. The collection of some of the most notoriously superficial, egoistic, narcisitic people in the college trying to maintain to their best a superficial group. Brilliant dynamics they must have.
I walk and walk ahead towards the main building, and there are on the way the jocks, the players, the dopers, the nerds and the geeks and the what nots. Even the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders are essentially the same as the pretenders. But slightly more peppy.
Pretty soon , they all forget all of that , and dissappear to their scheduled classes. Well not all of them, some of them anyway. The rest pretty much do the same as they usually do, stay on the campus and try to get a life. Best of luck with that, you jackasses.
After the college is over with its , ‘Prices for hikers’ philosphy, and i dont mean in the teaching sense, my real world can come to play. The night will come, my time will come, and the city will be my giant play ground. Brilliant. I can almost sense the undead knockin at my consciounce. Soon.
Oh, by the way, this isn’t going to be about the rockers or the dopers or the jocks or the nerds. Nor the peppy , ready for sex cheerleaders. Nah, that was all just part of the boring part of life. There’s also me. Brad, just Brad. But not at night, the night is for the renegade…..



One comment

  1. Sounds like an opening scene of a teenage movie, though “Oh, by the way, this isn’t going to be about the rockers or the dopers or the jocks….” gives an idea that it will drift from the present theme as the series continue. A very welcoming idea indeed.
    Lets see how you live up to the slight mystery you have created at the end!

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