The Circus that is PCB

Its been one hell of a booming year for the chaps at Lahore hasn’t it. I mean its been all there. A normal first half of the season followed by one of the most controversial second half’s of the season that i have known it to go through. Everything was there. Ball Tamperings , Post Lunch Protests in the UK, Court Cases with Umpires, Charimans going, Turmoil in Team Management, DOPING, Bans being imposed, Bans being removed, Baller not being taken , then baller being taken. Oh yea and also having a player achieve 2 to 3 world records for one calendar year, but we could probably forget that.

With the world cup coming, those are but a few of things that have occured in this calnedar year for the PCB. It has been a tough time to actually support our team during all of this. I think the only thing keeping that support alive was the brilliant, extraordinary and sensational season of M. Yousaf. Apart from that , the way PCB has chosen to handle the entire Doping incident is beyond me. They started off on the right note, all said and done, doping is doping and no matter how important the inclusion of M. Asif and Shoaib Akhtar might be for our chances in South Africa or for the big one in the Carribbean, it should have been carried on with. It would definitely , atleast for any fan like me, be a very joyful win if we do manage something knowing that we managed it with players who should have been banned. Then apart from that, we have a Chairman at the moment who i am sorry to say is nothing short of a nut case. I would quite readily put down Waqar Younis as one of the reasons that this year some of Pakistan’s young guns are improved. Umar Gul is one of the best examples. Yet he has been disgracefully let go off. Bob Woolmer , has been nothing but a huge ass waste. And instead It is Waqar who got that treatment. Highly Questionable actions of the Chairman i must say. And what a mysterious U-Turn on Mushtaq Ahmed ? … Its unbelievable.  

I would write more and more about this… but i think you all get the theme of wat i am trying to say. All in all … its a bloody Circus. The circus that is PCB


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