The End of an Era

Hmm … life … just seems to fly doesnt it. The moment you are not watchful of it .. it just whoooshes by. Its at that point in time .. all the little things really start to hit you. Whether they are from the past, the present or to come in the future. They just hit you. The realization at times becomes overwhelming … and at others … well you just plain look forward to whats next. This is ofcourse heavily influnced by your past and present. Anyway thats not the point here. The point is .. i had that realization a few weeks ago, it started a whole chain of thoughts in me. Mostly this thought chain was pointing only at one thing for me. Things are going to change , and pretty soon , and pretty much. For me as i thought about it all, it boiled down to one thing, that one major change. In about a year and a half, God Willing, i will no longer be a student. My student life of all these years , will come to and end. Thus the title , the end of an Era. I know it sounds a bit dramatized but hey .. what the heck.

As i sit here tonight, i am bound to look back at this era. Lets start with where this era actually became significant for me. Inter, before that, well us army people shift a lot so no sense of that there era thing whatsoever. anyway… my inter life was like , a memorable time, people can refer to an earlier post of mine titled ‘Any Given Monday’. They can get an idea of what it was like. I mean sure we used to curse that system and everything, but i miss the good old days of being in uniforms, from the same class, section, haaarraaaam paaayaaan! There were a lot of things associated with that, Bunkings of class, going a lot to board basin for halwa puri kay naashtay (although in all honesty especially to taimoor , i did that comparitvely a lot less) , the taking of short leave from the VP and legitimately playing hookey from college with hassan sticking close behind me. While the rest remain content with tapping over the wall. The first relationships, the first bad habits, the first time all nighters on the streets (aali’s alleged night spend at home). Ahh yeaa , those were the days. I seriously could never have imagined at that point in time how much i would miss having such a low level of responsibility then. Being so carefree that its not even funny. Well that was more or less the first half of the Era. IT also involved a lot of always arranging for getting dropped here and there as Most of us didnt drive back then. Also the forbidden W-21. Shit dude…. those were the days seriously. I also inntroduced you gyz to the world of CS!

Now we come to the second half of the era. I never got that friendship level at my university which i still have and got from my inter days. I seriously am sane right now ccuz i still have those crazy inter buddies of mine to hang out with. ANyway, the university life that is now coming towards its end , another year and a half maybe, did bring some memories of its own thou. Both , bitter and good.  It did bring one good friendship, 1 endship!, 1 miserableship and well 2 barships. I will not go on to explain these , just take them as they are make whatever you must of them. It brought a huge sense of responsibility upon me. I grew. At the same time the level of crazy i could go to increased with the added flavor of having a car and not being transport dependent. There are the night spends so many of them , with taimoor, mobeen, hassan and ofcourse my dear easily bored and then dangerous cousin, wiseman. It brought memories of being incharge of projects and societys and that work you do. I mean you may curse it at that point in time as much as you want, but the feeling of having done stuff like that i mean arranging seminars and events and weeklong events involving fairs and all, is an expreience of its own. GIK will always be memorable. I was one of the ppl treated like royalty for that one sunday in GIK majorly thanks to our hilaorioous play. The being knwon in college in the latter semesters as a guy who can entertain with the guitar. The time we went for the Zenith recording. My brothers weddings took place in this latter era as well. There are just so many things. I simply cannot put them all down here. All in all, miseries, bundles of joy, mountains of crazy eveerything, everything, in this era… i will miss. I know it simply wont be the same once i am no longer a student. I will miss these days. I will miss these times.


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